Through The Eyes Of Love 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

girl with kitty


She must have been so cute
As you spooned oatmeal into her mouth,
Taking care to catch that portion
That fell upon her bib
Before it could be played with
And smeared over her clothing
And her special chair.

She must have been so cute
As you changed those countless diapers,
Taking care to clean and powder,
Making sure that her tender skin
Would not be red and sore
While she smiled at up at you
As if delighting in your predicament.

She must have been so cute
As you held her hands and supported her,
Walking her carefully to the toilet
Hoping against hope that she might learn
To use it this time
Yet knowing that if she didn't
You would try again and again.

She must have been so cute
As you placed your face close to hers,
Speaking slowly and carefully
And wishing she would respond
With some sense of recognition
Indicating that she knew and understood
The simple words you carefully chose.

And now, nearly fifty years later
She does the same things for you,
Only the differences fraught by time
Are stark and all too real
All things cute have disappeared
And the hope for a wonderful life
Has been replaced by silent prayer
Asking for a taste of life once known.

Steven C. Stoker Nov 1998


Used with permission of the author

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