Drawing it across the lips - "Desiring an acquaintance"

    Drawing it across the cheek - "I love you"

    Drawing it across the forehead - "Look, we are watched"

    Drawing it through the hands - "I hate you"

    Dropping it - "We will be friends"

    Folding it - "I wish to speak with you"

    Letting it rest on the right cheek - "Do wait for me"

    Letting it rest on the left cheek - "No"

    Patting it beneath the eyes - "You are so cruel"

    Opposite corners in both hands. - "Follow me"

    Over the shoulder - "How you have changed"

    Placing it over the right ear - "No more love at present"

    Putting it in the pocket - "You are most too willing"

    Taking it by the center - "I wish to be rid of you"

    Twisting it in the left hand - "I love another"

    Twisting it in the right hand - "I am engaged"

    Winding it around the forefinger - "I am married"