Fire Safety

1. Place smoke alarms throughout the house, including basement and bedroom.

2. Place fire extinguisher on each floor.

3. Put safety caps over electrical outlets.

4. Keep matches and lighters out of reach.

5. Use flame retardant sheets and mattresses.

Preventing Wandering

6. Install child-proof doorknobs or door locks and then camouflage them with curtains or screens that match the color of the door.

7. Install gates across stairways--if the person is unable to climb over them or open them without help.

8. Place electronic buzzers on doors so you know when they've been opened.

9. Lock all windows.

10. Enclose a portion of the yard to provide a secure area for enjoying the outdoors. Remove all poisonous plants, keep garden hoses coiled up, put garden tools out of reach and keep all garden chemicals in a locked cabinet.

11. Lock car keys in a secure place.

Preventing Injuries

12. Secure all rugs with non-stick backing.

13. Keep all hallways clear of furniture and other objects.

14. Put reflector tape on stairs, hallways and bathroom doors.

15. Make sure hallways, stairs and bathrooms are lit at night. Use non-glare bulbs in all areas. During the day let in as much natural light as possible.

16. Avoid highly polished floors.

17. Remove knobs from stove and install safety latches on all kitchen cabinets and drawers.

18. Lock up all alcoholic beverages.

19. Remove lock from bathroom door and make sure all medication, sharp objects and toxic chemicals are removed or placed under lock and key.

20. Lock up or remove all firearms if you have any.

21. Place knives in locked drawers.

22. Unplug microwave oven and put all electrical appliances out of reach.

23. Don't leave hot coffee pots on the counter. Use thermos to keep coffee hot.

24. Lock away all cleaning products. They can be highly toxic.

25. For your convenience, you may want to lock the refrigerator so your loved one doesn't overeat or create a mess in the kitchen.

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