Dear Neighbors;

You may not know that my______________________whose name is_______________________, and lives at

__________________________is memory impaired. As a result, ________________ sometimes loses track of

where________________ lives. ________________may wander off and become lost or confused. You may see

_____________________________in your yard, or walking by your house. ________________________poses no

danger to you, but may say things you cannot make sense of or behave erratically. I would appreciate it if you

could approach __________________________ gently and quietly.

If you don't ask __________________to many questions but suggest that____________come inside for a drink of

water or let you bring ___________________________ one, you may be able to detain _____________ while you

call me at_________________________.

I will come and get_____________________________immediately. This is a challenging problem, and it's not

possible for me to police______________________________activities all of the time. I can't tell you how much I

appreciate your help if the need arises.

Sincerely; ____________________________________________

(c) copyright 1997


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