"Tears in

The Alzheimer Angel


Steven C. Stoker

"But why must they have to deal with THAT?"

"Because that is the master plan. It will help them to
grow and develop."

"But I love them so. I hate to see the frustration and
pain they are going through. For goodness sake, I diapered
her and raised her from her first day on Earth. I nursed her
through chicken pox, measles, her first date. I made her
dress for her Senior Prom...She was so lovely. And no mother
could have wanted a finer daughter. Why must she now learn
to hate and despise me for what I have become?"

"Don't worry, dear. It isn't as bad as all that. There is
a much bigger picture here. Think about it, and the truth of
it will be given to you."

She remained silent for a moment and just stood with him,
marveling at the scene before her. He waited patiently
beside her, unhurried, letting her grasp the situation as
best she could.

She watched the empty shell that had held her for a
lifetime. It was old and wrinkled. The years showed with
every movement. She was surprised that there was any life
left in the old shell at all, for precious little of what
she had become had been allowed to remain behind.

"Will she be able to do it?" she asked.

"Certainly--you have raised her well. Look..."

They watched again in silence as the daughter brought a
simple cup of water to the old shell of a woman and helped
her to drink. It went well, slowly at first, as the
tentative daughter searched for the correct flow rate
to prevent choking. Afterward, the daughter saw a brief
glint of recognition...just for a moment, but it was
enough. She hugged the old lady, not really comfortable
doing it, but not resisting the urge as she usually did.
Then she returned to the kitchen and dropped into a chair at
the family table. She looked so tired. She ached in every
muscle. Her eyes were tired from lack of sleep. Her nerves
were frazzled from another long night of vigilance.

"Can she handle it? It seems so hard."

"It is hard, my dear, but she will grow from it. She will
not only become a better person, but her marriage will be
strengthened, the children will see her care for you and
their respect for her will grow in a very special way. It
may be hard to see at first, but it is an opportunity that
few receive. The entire family will grow closer and learn to
deal with even greater obstacles as a result of this time
spent in caring for your temple."

"I think I am beginning to understand. Now I know what
you meant about a greater curtain lifting as that one fell.
I think I am ready."

She took one last look at her daughter, and blew her a
silent kiss, before turning away and walking on to her next
horizon with her guardian angel at her side. She WAS ready,
and she knew her daughter was ready, too.

Copyright © 1994 Steven C. Stoker
Used with permission of the author.
Email Steven at essayist@sprynet.com

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