My Wings"

Tim Brennan

When I was lost, you showed the way.
When I was frightened, you calmed fear away.
You made me laugh, when I wanted to cry.
I fail so often and you tell me; "Just try."
You are my friend, and I forgot your name.
I called for help and it was you; who came...

The time is short and soon, I must go.
There's just one thing left for you to know.
The sun and rain help to make a garden grow.
The garden grew well, now winter threatens snow.
And so, I leave with a final, loving refrain,
You are the sunshine - I am the rain...

Copyright © 1997 Tim Brennan
Used with permisson of the author.

Tim has early onset Alzheimer's Disease. This is just
one of several beautiful poems he has written. Others are
posted at ALZwell site and A Window on My Mind,
and articles by Tim are posted at the Virtual Law Office site.
Thanks so much to Tim for sharing with us what it is like
to have Alzheimer's Disease.

Email Tim at Brennantim@aol.com

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