Once More"

Carol Dix

The man sits by the window, and looks out at the nature that he
So many thoughts whirling in his mind...he sees a childhood dog romping,
as the children play..
So many memories tangled in the web of his mind...
So much lifetime has transpired, so many achievements that are frozen in
the fragments of his mind..that cannot be captured again..So many lives
that have been touched, and threaded together with his strength..with
his guide.
The man sits by the window, and when he looks up, his smile opens the
world to his warmness..I am what I am today because of this man, because
of this man I am.

Copyright © 1999 Carol Dix

Used with permission of the author.
Carol's dad had Alzheimer's, and she says that she misses him terribly.
Carol says she has found that poetry helps to express feelings, instead
of keeping them bottled up inside. I'm sure many of us, whether we are
reading or writing poetry, would would strongly agree with Carol.

Email Carol at: Blondiewp@webtv.net

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