A Change of Dress
Doug Thompson

Another change upon us.
A step down with less fuss.
A gown to replace her dress.
Easier to put on, less stress.

For cleanliness and comfort.
With dignity it does comport.
Forlorn it looks, Is it comely?
No, it looks very, very lonely.

As I dressed her in this gown of ease.
She acted somber no smile to please.
In an instant I knew no more to see,
My Ann, My Ann dressed just for me.

Five long years of changes have come.
Almost forgotten where we come from.
My anger is soothed often by her peace.
My love for her will never, no never cease.

How often I have fallen on my knees to pray.
Asking my Lord, "Must she be taken away?
Comfort us both, Lord, as we travel this way.
May our trial of tears bring glory to you each day.

Copyright © 1999 Doug Thompson
Used with permission of the author.

Doug's wife, Ann, has Alzheimer's.
You can read more of his poems
and other writings in his Reaching Out
at Marsha's Alzheimer's Outreach.
Two things Alzheimer's has not changed are
Doug & Ann's strong faith in God and their
love for each other.

Email Doug at: DKThomp@aol.com

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