Once More"

Corner of My World
Carolyn Haynali

I would like to take you to the corner of my world.
Where we can laugh and play, sing and be young again.
We can forget our troubles for a little while and
Share stories of days gone by.
A place where we can forget for a time
and examine our mind.
Of the heartache we feel inside.

Alzheimer's has taken our loved ones away,
but we try to share in there day.
If only we could go back to where our
loved ones had gone.
But we can't. so we dream of a life that we once had.
Of a time we share together.
We go into that corner of our mind
and dream of the days gone by.

I know the need to reach out and touch someone and
say I understand, don't go away... talk to me.
I will listen... Let me know how you feel.
Open your heart, bare your soul.
Don't be afraid to show yourself to me.
I understand... Really I do.

I have been there and all I have now is
the corner of my world to remember.
Come with me and enjoy the day
Take time for yourself and we
will laugh the day away together.
In the corner of my world.

Copyright © 1999 Carolyn Haynali
Used with permission of the author.

Carolyn's husband, Chuck, has Alzheimer's. She was his full-time caregiver until he was placed in a
facility in 1999. Carolyn's web site at http://www.caregiversarmy.org/Carolyn/
features her poetry and her journal. Carolyn is also founder of Caregiver's Army.

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