Once More"

The Empty Face
Carol Haynali

I look into your face
  your eyes stare into space
  I try to search deep into your soul
  to find the man I once knew
But he is not there.
  The emptiness goes beyond compare
  Where are you..? I ask.
  Where have you gone..?
  Speak to me.......
  I love you still
  I want you back
  I need you here
  but the empty face is still there. 

3/17/99 Carolyn Haynali 

Copyright © 1999 Carolyn Haynali
Used with permission of the author.

Carolyn's husband, Chuck, has Alzheimer's. She
was his caregiver at home until he was placed in
a facility recently. Carolyn is the founder of
Caregiver's Army
Her personal home page at
features her poetry, journal, and witnesses of the
faith that keeps her going.

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