"Shepherd Moons"

Dark Watchers Watching

Hugh MacDonald

Through the fifth floor window
of my mother's ward
in the Sacred Heart Home
I watch dark, ominous crows
glide in and out
of nowhere
hover just outside
watching us.
A dying sun paints the harbour
city lights "pop" like time-lapse mushrooms.
I remember worrying, six years old
wondering what lurked in the coal black corners
disturbed the dust bunnies under me.
When I could not bear the dread
I would call her and she would come.
I call her now dreading the dark shades in the dusky sky
she smiles
wonders who I am.

Copyright © 1996 Hugh MacDonald
Used with permisson of the author.
From Looking for Mother, by Hugh MacDonald.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada: Black Moss Press, 1995.
(Dist. by Firefly Books, Ltd. Sparks Ave., Willowdale, Ontario M2H2S4
ISBN 0-88753-259-4 ISBN 0-88753-255-1 $14.95)
Email Hugh at hughmac@cycor.ca
Hugh's Home Address:
Hollow Pine Cottage, Robertson Road,
Montague RR#5 PEI Canada, C0A 1R0

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