"I Will
Remember You"

I Will Always Remember
Hank the Bard

I remember your love
I remember soft breezes
and the stars you showed me above
I remember you holding me
laughing with joy
I remember your tears
at giving me my first toy
I remember the wishes
that you had for my life
I remember the first time
you saw me a new wife
I remember the twinkle
that I lit up in your eye
whenever I happened
to remember to come by
Now only I remember
all the things we shared so true
and Grandma don't worry
I will always remember it all for you

Copyright © 1999 Hank the Bard

Michelle aka Gypsy (Mysticalgypsy) sent me
this poem written for her by a friend.
About her grandmother, or "Nanny" Michelle
says "she suffered from alzheimers, she has
left to sleep with the angels on August 1, 2000."

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