Once More"

Karen N. Rhoades

The lights are turning low,
It's this I think you know..
You forgot my name again
My heart's in so much pain.

For years we've laughed and shared
It's for you I've cared.
And I try to bring a smile
When I visit for awhile.

Your night's become your day,
Guess it's 'come what may'
But I can't stand to watch you fading,
Slowly surely wading.

We can no longer talk,
So hand-in-hand we walk.
You'll always be my jewel,
How can life be so cruel?

We had plans, you and I
Seeing you now I cry.
You've lost your life and spark
Being shadowed by the dark.

I'll take care of you best I can
You'll always be my special man
I'll think of memories of me and you,
I will never stop loving you.

And when you're neither here nor there,
And sit blankly with vacant stare,
I'll still see you as bright as day,
In my memory, you will play.

Copyright © 2000 Karen N. Rhoades
Used with permission of the author.

Karen is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in a
Geriatric Psychiatry Unit of a hospital. She
told me "I get so sad, thinking about someone
close to me dying from this progressive disease.
I can't imagine my husband not being able to do
things for himself...not being able to recognize me....
not being able to remember recent events." With those
thoughts in mind, Karen wrote this touching poem.

Email Karen at: johnnyandkaren@home.com

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