in Time"

A Light on in the Window
Dorothy Womack

There's a light on in the window
Just to let you know I'm here
So, wherever you are going--
Remember, I'm still near.

Feel secure and safe in knowing
That my love will never change
Regardless of appearances--
My love remains the same.

There is nowhere you could travel
That, for me, is too far away--
I'll go where you desire
Beside you, I will stay.

I'll live within your heart
Forever-- Nothing will
Ever change this truth--
That I am with you, still.

Yes, there's a light on in the window
To where my soul can see--
While gazing out, upon you,
You're looking in, at me--

You see the person I've become
Yet, who I used to be--
You see my light, still shining
My love-- Eternally.

Copyright © 1998 Dorothy Womack
Used with permission of the author.

Dorothy's wrote this poem for a net friend,
whose mother is in the last stages of Alzheimers.
It brought tears to my eyes as I remembered, a light
on in the kitchen window, and my mother coming to the
back door to greet me whenever I came home.
Dorothy's book Passage into Paradise is on her
website at: http://www.geocities.com/womack47/passage.html
and now is available from iUniverse as well, along with Alzheimer's Angels,
her book of poems, and three other books (see below).
Dorothy is a writer for http://www.caregiver.com/
and her articles can also be found in the
Alzheimer's Articles section of A Year to Remember.
Email Dorothy at: womack47@charter.net
You can find all of Dorothy's books by clicking on the covers below:

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