of Texas"


Krista Cunningham

Once she was a little child, running wild and free, catching
butterflies, following rainbows, without a care in the world.

Once she was a young girl, playing with dolls, playing dress-up, and
all the games that young girls play, and the future seemed so far away.

Once she was a young lady, putting on makeup, noticing boys, going on
dates, dreaming of the future.

Once she was a young woman, head strong and intelligent, falling in
love, engaged to be married, and making her dreams come true.

Once she was a wonderful wife, taking care of her husband and all of
his needs, being his strength and his rock, loving him with all that
she was.

Once she was a nurturing mother, raising 8 babies, watching them grow,
loving each one with all her heart, planning for their futures.

Once she was a career woman, breaking new ground, striving for the
best, never accepting defeat or taking no for an answer.

Once she was a devoted grandmother, her house full of love and once
again filled with babies, looking forward to a retirement copious with
travel, once again planning for the future.

Once she was an ill woman, sitting inside, watching the world pass by,
wishing she could keep up with it, not knowing why she could not,
thinking of the past.

Now she is the shell of a woman who was once very great, she sits
alone with a blank stare and watches the world go by but doesn't
really see it, and knows nothing of the present, future, or past, or
the life full of love and joy that once she was.

Copyright © 1998 Krista Cunningham
Used with permisson of the author.

Krista is 20 years old. Her grandmother has Alzheimer's,
and her grandmother's mother died with it as well. Krista
requested that "Yellow Rose of Texas", her grandmother's favorite
song, be the music selection for this page.

Email Krista at: princess_krista@yahoo.com

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