"The Long and Winding Road"

A Passing of Memory

Jerry Ham

My husband has gone to heaven above.
The one with whom I have lived and loved.
Family and friends are gathered here,
As we remember with laughter and tears...

Where is my husband, where did he go?
I'll call my son, he'll surely know.
"Son, it's your mother with a question to ask,
"I just can't remember, it's become such a task."...

My son stands quietly, his wife at his side.
From what they've told me, I wish I could hide.
I must stay calm, I can't make a scene.
They say I have Alzheimer's, but what does that mean?
I don't understand, something's terrible wrong.
He says I no longer can live alone...

Who is this person who asks, "How are you?"
He says he's my son, but I know that's not true.
My son's still a child of five, or maybe it's six?
He's out playing ball, or picking up sticks...

I'm so afraid, where's my mom and my dad?
If I don't get home, they'll really be mad.
MOMMA? DADDY? I'm coming home!
Momma, Daddy?......

Copyright © 1997 Jerry Ham
Used with permission of the author.

Jerry and his wife are both nurses and they
are a team in taking care of his mother who
who has Alzheimer's. Jerry frequently shares
his poetry on the Alzheimer list, bringing tears
to all our eyes.

Email Jerry at: wordman@asaccess.com

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