"Wind Beneath
My Wings"

Say My Name
Nancy Allen

Please say my name
Just once today, so that I will know
That you have not forgotten
How much I love you so

Tell me you remember
Who I am, and from where I came
Please just whisper softly
One more time, my name

Don't let this be the day
That you look past my face
Trying to remember
Another time another place

Just say my name once today
It's music to my ears
Tell me you remember
All the happy years

I'll be here right beside you
Even when you forget
I'll hold your hand
I'll kiss your cheek

We can't let go just yet
There are many more things we have to do
Many more walks to take
Spending time with one another
More memories to make

But there is one thing you need to know
As long as this goes on
I need you as much as you need me
because you are still my MOM!

Copyright © 2001 Nancy Allen
Used by permission of the author.

Nancy wrote to me:
"My mom is 74 and I would say in the mid stages
of Alzheimers. She wants to go home everyday,
which is her childhood home. She talks about
her brothers and sisters like they are all still
here, and they have been gone for years. She is
in assisted living for Alzheimers now, which was an
extremely hard decision, but it is the best thing.
I guess I will never get used to it."

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