As She Sits

Stacey Cirillo

As she sits & stares at the clock.
Wishing & wanting for someone to stop.
Knowing her family soon will be there.
The ones who truely love her & care.
As seconds turn to minutes & minutes to hours.
She thinks of all their magical powers.
For her their visits are far too short.
But she can't wait to laugh and snort.
So she sits and waits for them to come.
Knowing it will be lots & lots of fun.

Copyright © 1996 Stacey Cirillo
Used with permisson of the author.

Written for Stacey's grandmother who has Alzheimers Disease.
Published by the National Library Of Poetry in the book:
"Footsteps In The Sand".
Stacey is President of the Family Council at Saint's
Joachim & Anne Nursing Home
Email Stacey at SCiri72913@aol.com

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