"Wind Beneath
My Wings"

A Thief in the Night
Nancy Allen

You creep in again
Like a thief in the night
While she is sleeping sound
And tucked in tight

Who are you she says
Why do you come here
You take a piece of me
Each time you come near

She wakes up and says
Where am I today
I need to get going
You see, I've lost my way

I'm looking for mom,
And dad of course too
Jimmy and Natalie
And Jack, I never forgot you

Where are my shoes
My keys and my car
I know you are near
Yet you seem very far

What used to seem easy
Is now such a task
My oh my
How long can this last

I'm looking for home
And the good times indeed
Please understand........
It is this that I need

To go back to the times
When I was happy and free
To come and go
And feel like ME

So don't worry about me
There is no pain
The pain that is felt
Is with those who remain

In this cold cruel world
Full of worry and fear
Don't worry "My Girls"
I kind of like it here

Im looking for MOM
Where I know I will find
A great big hug
and finally........................
Peace of Mind!

Copyright © 2001 Nancy Allen
Used by permission of the author.

Nancy wrote to me:
"My mom is 74 and I would say in the mid stages
of Alzheimers. She wants to go home everyday,
which is her childhood home. She talks about
her brothers and sisters like they are all still
here, and they have been gone for years. She is
in assisted living for Alzheimers now, which was an
extremely hard decision, but it is the best thing.
I guess I will never get used to it."

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