Once More"

To My Mother
John Gilson

If I were granted one wish today,
and I knew it would come true;
I'd ask the Lord for a little time,
to speak alone with you.

To hear your voice like it used to be,
so soft, so quiet, so clear;
That voice which has been silenced,
during these last few years.

To hear you sing those old-time hymns,
that speak of Jesus' love;
And have you read the Bible,
with a message from above.

I know my wish will not come true,
and that is all right too;
For I treasure all my memories,
of the mother I once knew.

So I thank God that when I visit,
and hold your hand in mine;
I see a peace upon your face--
I see my Lord divine!

Copyright © 1999 John Gilson
Used with permisson of the author.

John's mother has Alzheimer's and has been in
a nursing home four years now. He and his wife
visit and feed his mother dinner every week.
John is a teacher, and he has an excellent Web
site of HTML tutorials at http://www.bfree.on.ca/HTML/
John wrote this touching poem in December 1999.

Email John at: bes@bfree.on.ca

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