"I Need Thee
Every Hour"

Would I Do It All Over Again?
Brenda Race

In a heartbeat I would do it again
Nothing can take away from me what I did then
I did the best that I could....I gave it my all
And now I can hold up my head ....and forever stand TALL

I couldn't, I wouldn't change what I did for YOU
It was done out of LOVE not out of some due!
If you had stayed here for a thousand years
It would have been worth all of the tears

You taught me lessons throughout my life
Ones I used when you were going through the strife
You showed me well the meaning of LOVE
Unconditional LOVE which came from above

You raised me with your love and let me fly free
and then I returned when you needed me
You continued to teach me when you weren't even aware
That the greatest lessons you were yet to share

For in your dying you gave to me
a compassion that I alone never would see
had I not taken you under my care
giving it my all with nothing to spare

Would I do it all over again or would I flee
I would not, could not change it you see
To LOVE you and comfort you in your time of need
Was not a great task...I was only returning the seed

The seed you planted as you guided me along
Back in the days when YOU were strong!
It was only natural to return the LOVE
Not a chore but an honor imparted by the one above!

Copyright © 2000 Brenda Race
Used with permission of the author.

Brenda was caregiver to her mother for a year
until her mother was placed in a nursing home in
December 1998. Brenda continued to visit her mother
regularly and to share hours with her until her
mothers death in December 1999. Brenda has posted
her beautiful poetry at A Window on My Mind
and it can be found in Insights at Alzheimer's
as well as at her own site,
Poems, Prayers and Promises.
Brenda also has written for Today's Caregiver, and
and her articles can be found in Alzheimer's Articles
at A Year to Remember as well.

Email Brenda at: brace47@charter.net

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