For August 1997

"What a Difference You've Made"

Thank you so much to all of you who have presented my home page with these awards:

Wizard's Apprentice's Very Personal Homepage Award
Wizard's Apprentice's Very Personal Homepage Award

August 23, 1997

Wizard's Apprenctice's Silver Award
Wizard's Apprentice's Silver Award

August 23, 1997

Site Fights Approved
Site Fights Approved
August 20, 1997

Cowan Site of the Year 2nd Place
Cowan Domain Gold Site of the Year
2nd Place
August 11, 1997

DHead Hunter's Quality Site Award
August 7, 1997

Liz's Award for Excellence
Liz's Award for Excellence

August 5, 1997

Lenster's Well worth a look! award
Lenster's Well Worth a Look Award
August 2, 1997

Web Surfers Digest Award
Web Surfers Digest Excellent Site Award
August 2, 1997

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