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Name: bea
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From: manila, philippines
Time: 1997-05-31 18:19:00
Comments: this is a great page. keep up the good work.

Name: Diana Friel McGowin
Website: LILAUTHOR1'S Homepage3
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From: Florida, USA
Time: 1997-05-31 17:06:00
Comments: Thank you for helping to spread the word of caring, and to afford we who are Patients advocates also a voice to be heard.

Name: Kathy Lesjak
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From: Fairfax Station, VA
Time: 1997-05-30 17:58:00
Comments: My Father has Alzeimer's and my mother cares for him. I am always trying to find ways to help her care for herself. I'm interested in reading more about how you helped your mother. Take care.

Name: Linda Leonard Zimmerman
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From: London, Ontario, Canada
Time: 1997-05-29 19:30:00
Comments: This is the most moving webpage I have ever seen. I lost my Mom April 24, 1996 after eight years with Alzheimer's; but, as you know, I lost the wonderful Mother I grew up with long before that. Thank you for sharing your story. You have helped me, as, I am sure, you have helped many others. You gave your mother the great gift of your time and your caring, and now you are multiplying that gift by educating others about Alzheimer's Disease and how families cope. Bless you.

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Time: 1997-05-29 07:44:00
Comments: What a nice web page. I work for the local Alzheimer Chpt here in my hometown. It is so inspiring to meet others who are willing to share their experiences with this devasating disease. You may want to check out the new Alzheimer Canada web site. It's really quite good. I don't have the address but you can get to it through our address. Best Wishes.

Name: Karen Menges
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From: Mystic Island, NJ
Time: 1997-05-28 17:43:00
Comments: Brenda, Havn't been here since Mother's Day. So nice to see that you are moving forward on the Journal! I talked to my Mom on the phone tonight and you came to mind. So it was nice to see progress. I hope this finds you feeling better. It was so good of you to take the time to e-mail me on Mother's Day. It meant a great deal to me. You take care, keep on pluggin'! E-mail if you have the time. I've enjoyed your notes to me. Karen

Name: Phil Hylton
Website: It's great to be a Granddaddy!
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From: Roanoke Virginia
Time: 1997-05-26 07:59:00
Comments: Bravo! for your attitude and your helpful web site!

Name: Kaye M.Voutsas
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From: Elizabethtown,Pa.
Time: 1997-05-25 19:52:00
Comments: I work at the Masonic Homes in the Alzheimer's Unit

Name: John Ballem
Website: John's Links and Sites
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Time: 1997-05-25 01:53:00
Comments: I surfed onto your page to see if you were displaying my award banner. I couldn't find it on your awards page. Were you planning on displaying it? If not, would you let me know? Thanks. John Ballem

Name: Michelle M. S. Houle
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From: Toronto, Canada
Time: 1997-05-23 09:22:00
Comments: I am sincerely sorry for your loss. I admire your tribute to your mother. I wish you the best. Michelle M.S. Houle Director of the Hospice Volunteer Network of Canada

Name: Judy
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From: New Haven Connecticut
Time: 1997-05-22 12:08:00
Comments: Brenda I am really enjoying your Journal it is very touching,it has also been a great help to me.I will be back to read more I think you are truly a beautiful person God Bless You. Judy

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Time: 1997-05-21 22:38:00

Name: Bonnie S. Arbuthnot
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From: Dumas, Texas
Time: 1997-05-21 19:47:00
Comments: Your journal was very touching.

Name: Bonnie
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Time: 1997-05-21 14:32:00
Comments: My grandfather has alaheimers' and i dont know what to do for him when he feels at a loss for words or anything really. But I thank you. You are actually the first thing i look up on line. I loved your poems too . My grandfather also is diagnosed with cancer. They give him 3 months...Anyways thanx.

Name: Jenny G.
Website: Jenny G.
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From: Croydon (Melbourne Oz)
Time: 1997-05-19 17:24:00
Comments: Enjoyed your pages, and will return.

Name: Sweetpea
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From: Gantt, Al
Time: 1997-05-18 16:24:00
Comments: You really put alot of time into your page and it shows in more ways than one. The story of your mother was heartbreaking I two lost my mom and I know the feeling she went threw the struggle of kidney failure and a stroke. It's been three years and I'm still having a hard time dealing with it.Well anyway stop by my site and check it out.

Name: Sherri Pennartz
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Time: 1997-05-16 18:34:00
Comments: I am a physical therapist who works in a nursing home with alzheimers patients, just love your webpage!

Name: Gina K. Lanning
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From: Originally IL, now TX
Time: 1997-05-15 20:26:00
Comments: My grandfather has Alzheimers and there is a history of it in his family. I am trying to learn all I can about the disease so that I can try to understand what he is going through and maybe I can help make it a little easier for him and my grandmother.

Name: Cecile Weston
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From: Seattle
Time: 1997-05-15 12:21:00
Comments: Thank you so much for this page. I visit often.

Name: Bonnie Danley
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From: Kansas City, Kansas
Time: 1997-05-15 10:19:00
Comments: I'm just getting started really with this caregiving business and am looking for as much information as possible. Hope this helps me!

Name: Cheryl Rexroat
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From: Buford, Ga in the Atlanta Area
Time: 1997-05-12 17:35:00
Comments: My Mother was dignosed with this horrible disease 3 years ago. It has been the hardest of our lives. Looking back we can see it had been coming on for about 2 years. Mothers is different from most others we are told. She has been in a nuring home for about 2 1/2 years. We believe she is near the end. She has gotten much worse in the last 3 months I don't believe another disease could be worse for an active person. Our Mother played softball up until 6 months before she was examined. We have good days and bad. I know you understand since you have been through this I live 4 hours away and that makes it very hard. My sister who is much younger lives 8 hours away. If it wasn't for a wonderful sister-in-law that helps we would go crazy. We are very fortunate in that most of our family lives in the same town and can look in on Mother each day. It is not the same as being there though. Thanks for this information.

Name: Melinda Sowders
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From: Tallahassee, FL
Time: 1997-05-11 21:09:00
Comments: Thank you for sharing such a beautiful memorial of your mom. It was so insightful for me to read. I may be starting a new job soon at an assisted living facility for people with Alzheimer's Disease. Also, thanks for the other good info on resources, etc. Best Wishes in the future.

Name: Mickie Bachman
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From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1997-05-11 15:14:00
Comments: Thank You for careing!

Name: Pamela Gray
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From: England originally, Canada now
Time: 1997-05-11 05:40:00
Comments: I'm a member of Candid, so that's how I know about you and your mother. My mother is well and living with us here in Halifax, NS. We love her dearly. My sister, my mother's first-born, died of Creutzfeldt Jakob's disease early last year. (CJD is an early-onset dementing illness with many similarities to AD). I will give my mother some extra hugs today: some for you and your mother, and some for my sister. Pamela

Name: Ric Mulvaine
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From: Grew up in Phx, AZ, Living in OC, CA
Time: 1997-05-09 10:18:00
Comments: I found your page a couple of days before Mother's Day (5/9/97). I am very impressed with it and what is says.

Name: RUTH
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Time: 1997-05-06 15:34:00
Comments: Experiencing your site has been very emotional for me as my mother is in the last stages of this disease. She will be 85 this July and is in a nursing home in Ct. My sister lives there and is feeling the strain of seeing her daily. I will be going this month and I feel your info will help me cope better after not seeing her for a year. I really have a hard time accepting this disease. I miss my mother the way she was I guess. Thank you so much for sharing.

Name: Betsy Michaels
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From: Charleston, SC
Time: 1997-05-05 21:20:00
Comments: I really enjoyed your memories of you and your Mom. My Mother who also has alzheimers, has been living with me for 6 years. You have a wonderful web site, and lots of great info!!! Thanks, Betsy Michaels

Name: Nightshade
Website: Written Fantasies
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From: Indiana
Time: 1997-05-04 20:22:00
Comments: A beautiful and touching site.

Name: Tara England
Website: Tara's Homepage
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From: WV
Time: 1997-05-04 19:13:00
Comments: You have touched my heart with your wonderful page about your mother and alzheimers disease. Keep up the great work. To some, it can be a blessing. Please vote for me this week in the site fights if you like my homepage. I am really going to need your support! Go HERE to vote for me! Take care..

Name: Janet W Gaetke
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From: Gales Ferry, CT
Time: 1997-05-03 16:56:00
Comments: It is very comforting to know that someone has gone through almost exactly the same thing my family is going through right now. My husband and I live with my mother to help take care of my father. Every thing in the early parts of your journals is what's happening right now. Thank you for providing your story. It's very inspirational

Name: Stanleigh J. Marcewicz
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From: New york City area (25 miles from Times Square)
Time: 1997-05-03 14:08:00
Comments: Brenda....I read many of your perceptive memos on the Alz List...this is the first time I visited your Web Page. It is extremely well done, serves as a beautiful memorial to your Mom, and I am sure it provides you with a wonderful feeling on (1) how you took care of your mom, and (2) how you can help us primary caregivers by sharing your story. The very best that life can You, Brenda Stan...caregiver to Irene (stage 5 of 7)

Name: LaVonne
Website: LaVonne's Links
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From: IL, USA
Time: 1997-05-02 18:10:00
Comments: What a beautiful/wonderful web site you have here!!! Very touching too! :) I have spent quite a while in your site today, and will be returning to explore it some more. Before I go, I'd like to present your site with My Great Web Site Award. If you display and link it to me, let me know and I will Gladly add your site to my awards recipients list. Take Care, LaVonne

Name: auxx
Website: Aux Sanctimony
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From: Somewhere over the rainbow
Time: 1997-05-02 16:28:00
Comments: hi! great job on your page. I am finishing up my last year of medical school at OU. As I read your page, it reminded of my last geriatric rotation at a local nursing home where many of patients were suffering from the Alzheimers. I have realized that it's not just a patient but an entire family that goes through the emotional suffering especailly in Alzhermers Cases. I couldn't thank you more for letting us aware about the subjects. Hopefully someday there will be a cure. I would like to present you with the Aux Award that I have created for Web publishing excellence. Linking back is not necessary. I would like to have you as one of the winners of Aux Award. If you wish to accept it, please pick it up at so long

Name: Scott Williams
Website: Library Management Network's Online Catalog
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From: Huntsville, Alabama
Time: 1997-05-02 13:41:00
Comments: Brenda, I think your homepage is wonderful and well done. I wish you well and much success in your future endeavours to utilize the internet to educate the rest of us about this disease.

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From: Farrell, Pennsylvania
Time: 1997-05-01 05:50:00
Comments: How beautiful, what I have read so far. I quit my job in the nursing profession 3 yrs. ago, to care for both of my in-laws who have Alzheimer's. We lost my mother-in-law March 15, 1997. I have been toying with the idea of writing my experiences. My father-in-law is in a personal care home because of his behavior. After having my mother-in-law living with us, I need a break, and then we may discuss bringing Dad here. At this time, we don't think we will decide to bring him home because he has frequent times of very mean behavior. He will be 88 May 29, and physically he is in fine shape. It is just his mind. Has failed so much because of Alzheimer's. Thank you for letting me share a very short portion of my background as a caregiver.

Name: Amy May
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Stephenville
Time: 1997-04-30 22:01:00
Comments: Hi Brenda. My name is Amy May, and I am a student at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. I was feeling pretty low and needed some encouragement,and poetry is my escape. I am very close to my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's. I cry myself to sleep almost every night, and even find it hard to concentrate in class. I feel helpless and hurt. My mamaw is and always has been, my best friend, my teacher, my hero. My mother has quit her job to care for my grandparents, but now she is to the point of giving up. It has taken all her strength and sanity to cope. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have even thought about quitting school and moving home to help out. Please help.

Name: Sheldon Lawrence
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From: Wichita, Kansas
Time: 1997-04-30 21:14:00
Comments: My mother moved in with us the first week in March, 98. After several tests, we have found out that she has Alzheimer's.

Name: Karen Menges
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-04-30 21:10:00
Comments: Brenda, I saw an article in Modern Maturity today "Reaching Out For A Helping Hand". It lists a number of web sites and one of them was Kate's Place 2, which ultimately led me to your site. I've marked it for Favorites and will go back to read more. It's late and I'm tired. I just traveled 800 miles out to Pittsburgh and back to visit my Mom. She was diagnosed 3yrs. ago although we feel that we can say it truley began at least 12 yrs. ago. My dad died very suddenly 4yrs. ago and she really went down-hill after that. She is still in the denial stage as are my brothers and my sister. She says she eats but she's thin. She says she cleans house but the dust is thick. She says she bathes but her hair is dirty. And on and on. I'm starting a new job next week and I am totaly tortured. Should I be doing what you did? Of the four of us, I'm the only one alone. My children are grown and on their own. My children say it is not just my problem; that it is a problem that my brothers and sister and I must deal with. That I can't sacrafice my life because they don't want to face it. I will read with interest what took you to the nursing home deceision. Thank you so much for being here. It is a lonely world, this world of AD. I thought when my dad died that I had experienced the ultimate pain. But this is far worse; I am greiving and watching her go by degree at the same time. God bless you; I'll be back. Thanks again for being here! Karen

Name: Meredith Snyder
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Time: 1997-04-28 17:12:00
Comments: I am the granddaughter of someone with this disease and fortunetly I missed the first stage. I want to thank you for this journal because it has given me the insight to what my mother was dealing with. I love my grandmother with all that I have and I wish that there was a change I could make to ease her and my mother's troubles. My mother is unable to care for her at home but I better understand what her life is like day in and day out. I will be sure to have my mother read this because it has helped me to come to terms with this. Thank you for sharing. Meredith Snyder physical therapy student University of Maryland, Baltimore City

Name: Margaret Bateman
Website: don't have one
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From: Carlsbad, California
Time: 1997-04-28 10:59:00
Comments: Thank you for sharing your story and the information. As an only child, I am actively involved with the care of my aging mother. She is presently living on her own but I may find myself as a more full time caretaker in the future. Your site has motivated me to be more prepared with information and knowledge.

Name: Janet McCluskey
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
Time: 1997-04-27 21:31:00
Comments: This is fascinating reading, and I'll be back when I have more time. I have one question at this time. You mention in your journal the large print publication Guideposts. I subscribe to the large print Readers' Digest, which is a real favourite with my mum. Could you please give me an address for Guideposts? Thank you so much!

Name: Cathy
Website: Cathy's Corner of Carolina
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From: Calabash, NC
Time: 1997-04-24 12:48:00
Comments: What a beautiful page and a touching story... thanks for sharing it with me. Thanks also for stopping by my homepage and signing my book... I am glad you enjoyed it and hope you will come back again sometime.