Over Me"

Angels' Wings
Dorothy Womack

Angels are watching over you - Always aware
Of all that you need - Of your every care -
They whisper and comfort when you do not know
But on occasion, their presence, they show
Angels unfolding their wings before Him
In ultimate worship of the One free from sin ---

Departing in numbers abundant as need
Arises within you - God's Voice, they do heed
Angels bring beauty, peace from above
They impart God's blessings and also His Love
When you sit very still and think on pure things
You might just feel the brush of their wings ---

You may feel alone in your journey on earth
But angels are present - Of inestimable worth -
They're sent by God Himself, to make Himself heard
With dreams illuminated - With astounding words -

So, listen in silence - Be still before God -
For He sends His angels down to impart His Word
With your eyes open, you'll see their wings ----
With your ears open, you'll hear them sing
Of God's great mercies and wonderful things
Such as is granted upon ANGELS' WINGS........

Copyright © 1999 Dorothy Womack
Used by permission of the author.

Dorothy, a daughter of a mother with Alzheimer's,
has her book Passage into Paradise is on her
website at: http://www.geocities.com/womack47/passage.html,
and her poetry about this disease can be found here at Alzheimer's Poetry,
as well as at her site and many others across the Internet.
Dorothy is also a writer for http://www.caregiver.com/
and her articles can be found in the
Alzheimer's Articles section of A Year to Remember. as well.
Email Dorothy at: womack47@charter.net

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