"Tears in

Evey Single Tear
Dorothy Womack

The Bible says God bottles up all of our tears
Those we cry from grief, from loss, from sorrow and from fears
You ever wonder why He takes such tender care
Of all the nutrients we shed in every single tear??

He uses them in Heaven to enrich the soil up there
To cause the flowers to bloom - the trees to flourish and to bear
And with the overflow that's sure to come - It is then that He brings
New fountains into being - New rivers and new streams -

The tears we shed in sorrow here are turned to great joy there
Like rain misting down upon us - Our tears are raining there -
They fall upon all living things that need our help to grow
God makes sure nothing ever goes to waste - Because He loves us so

Then let your heart know joy, whenever tears you shed ----
For Heaven's Parks are dazzling - in every flower bed -
Every single tear brings sustenance and beauty to the soil
God's preparing us a bouquet which will glorify our souls ----

And upon arrival in that Land Above, where singing fills the air
Where angels hover quietly - their faces, oh so fair -
Where Christ the King announces us, in silent sweet repose
He leads us down the tree lined path and stops to smell a rose

Which blooms at the touch of His tender hand - And then turning, He
Looks upon us - Smiling - With a lesson for to teach ---
How all that has hurt us, wounded, or harmed us in the past
Has brought forth ALL this beauty - For Eternity - To last......

Copyright © 1999 Dorothy Womack
Used by permission of the author.

Dorothy, a daughter of a mother with Alzheimer's,
has her book Passage into Paradise is on her
website at: http://www.geocities.com/womack47/passage.html,
and her poetry about this disease can be found here at Alzheimer's Poetry,
as well as at her site and many others across the Internet.
Dorothy is also a writer for http://www.caregiver.com/
and her articles can be found in the
Alzheimer's Articles section of A Year to Remember. as well.
Email Dorothy at: womack47@charter.net

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