"Tears in

Dorothy Womack

There's a sadness in my face
That I cannot seem to erase ---
I know you're leaving me
And it's very hard, you see ----

I miss those times we shared
When life was newer - There
Were fewer days of woe
And many more of joy ---

We lose a little every day
Of what we hold - we throw away
Each minute passes, only once
Opportunities lost by chance ---

Memories can keep much longer though ---
Spirits live on and life still flows ---
Whatever comes - I stand prepared
For what shall be - I am aware ---

So I kiss your face and say goodbye
My eyes shed tears and my heart cries
No turning back is meant to be ----
You belong to God ----
No longer to me......

Copyright © 2000 Dorothy Womack
Used by permission of the author.

Dorothy, a daughter of a mother with Alzheimer's,
has her book Passage into Paradise is on her
website at: http://www.geocities.com/womack47/passage.html,
and her poetry about this disease can be found here at Alzheimer's Poetry,
as well as at her site and many others across the Internet.
Dorothy is also a writer for http://www.caregiver.com/
and her articles can be found in the
Alzheimer's Articles section of A Year to Remember. as well.
Email Dorothy at: womack47@charter.net

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