Out that Door

Out that door we watched snow fall
on pansies in the winter,
and sometimes on daffodils and even
tulips in the spring.
We watched deer prance
through the yard,
and wild turkeys gobble
down the hill.
We watched squirrels climbing
the clothesline, or coming
to visit bird feeders on the window.

We watched birds come and go, telling
the seasons by their arrival
and departure.
Out that door we walked most
every day, to get a closer look,
at wildlife and flowers
and to walk with Pansy, the cat.
My mother held my hand,
and I got to know her more
each day, as parts of her
past came to life.
Though there might be confusion
and terror in the night,
out that door we found peace,
a refuge from the storm.

Copyright © 1998-2005 Brenda S. Parris

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