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1152days.html Poem: "One Thousand One Hundred Fifty Two Days", by Dorothy Womack
4thjuly.html Picture of Mother with Puppy on 4th July 1995
about.html About this Site
activities.html Activities and Atmosphere
aging.html Seniors Sites and Aging Resources
alteredperceptions.html Article: "Altered Perceptions", by Dorothy Womack
AlzBibKids.html Bibliography of Books for Children and Teenagers
AlzBibliography.html Bibliography of Books about Alzheimer's and Caregiving
AlzFilms.html Filmography
alzheimers.html Poem: "Alzheimer's"
alzinnews.html Alzheimer's in the News, 2002
alzinnews1996.html Alzheimers in the News, 1996
alzinnews1997.html Alzheimer's in the News, 1997
alzinnews1998.html Alzheimer's in the News, 1998
alzinnews1999.html Alzheimer's in the News, 1999
alzinnews2000.html Alzheimer's in the News, 2000
alzinnews2001.html Alzheimer's in the News, 2001
angel.html The Alzheimer's Angel, by Steven C. Stoker
angelswings.html Poem: "Angels' Wings", by Dorothy Womack
application.html Application for Web Site Awards A Year to Remember Gives to Caregivers and AD Patients
April2001.html April 2001 Winners at Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
article.html My Article for Caregiving Newsletter
articlesindex.html Articles Index Page
August2001.html August 2001 Winners at Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
awards.html Awards for January 1997
awards1.html Awards for December 1996
awards2.html Awards for August through October 1996
awardsA.html Awards Index and Latest Awards Received
awardsAp.html Awards for January-April 2002
awardsAq.html Awards for January-December 2001
awardsAr.html Awards for November-December 2000
awardsAs.html Awards for October 2000
awardsAt.html Awards for September 2000
awardsAu.html Awards for August 2000
awardsAv.html Awards for June-July 2000
awardsAw.html Awards for April-May 2000
awardsAx.html Awards for March 2000
awardsAy.html Awards for January-February 2000
awardsAz.html Awards for November-December 1999
awardsB.html Awards for Sept.-Oct. 1999
awardsC.html Awards for August 1999
awardsD.html Awards for July 1999
awardsE.html Awards for June 1999
awardsF.html Awards for April-May 1999
awardsG.html Awards for Jan.-March 1999
awardsH.html Awards for May-Dec. 1998
awardsI.html Awards for Sept. 1997-Apr. 1998
awardsJ.html Awards for August 1997
awardsK.html Awards for July 1997
awardsL.html Awards for June 1997
awardsM.html Awards for May 1997
awardsN.html Awards for April 1997
awardsO.html Awards for Feb.-March 1997
banners.html Banners for Linking to A Year to Remember
beatitudes.html The Beatitudes -- good "attitudes" for caregivers
beach.html Picture of My Mother at the Beach
bibliographies.html Bibliographies and Filmography Index
birthday.html My Mother's Birthday a Year after her death
bkreviews.html Reviews of Books about Alzheimer's
board.html Message Board
boardguide.html Guidelines for posting on the message board
candles.html Candles and Causes
careaward.html Latest Winners of "Remembering to Care Award"
careaward1998.html "Remembering to Care Award" Winners in 1998
careaward1999.html "Remembering to Care Award" Winners in 1999
caregiverdepression.html Article: "Caregiver Depression", by Dorothy Womack
caregiverguilt.html Article: "Caregiver Guilt", by Dorothy Womack
caregivers.html Resources for Caregivers
carg.html Poem: "My Caregiving Friend", by Tim Brennan
carol.html Poem: "Untitled", by Carol Dix
Catholic.html Favorite Catholic Links
Poem: "A Change of Dress", by Doug Thompson
chapters.html Alzheimer's Association Chapters
chats.html Caregivers' Chat Sites
christianmusic.html Christian Midi and Lyrics Links
Christmas2.html Christmas Card - My Mother, Christmas 1994
Christmas97.html Christmas Card - 1997
Christmas97-2.html Christmas Poem - 1997
christmaswolf.html Story: "The Christmas Wolf" by Julie Therese Christopher
ComeSpring.html My Poem: "Come Spring"
Poem: "Where Are the Clowns?", by Brenda Race
Poem: "Come Walk with Me", by Doug Thompson
conference.html Caregiver's Conference in Huntsville, September 1997
contributed.html Contributed Poetry
copingwithgrief.html Article: "Coping with Grief", by Dorothy Womack
copingwithholidays.html Article: "Coping with the Holidays as a Caregiver", by Brenda Race
cornerofmyworld Poem: "Corner of My World", by Carolyn Haynali
credits.html Credits
cry.html Poem: "Yes, I'll Cry", by Jerry Ham
dad.html Poem: "Dear Dad", by Julie Western-Zuge
david.html Poem: "Untitled", by David Bone
dear.html Poem: "My Dear, I Love You", by Jerry Ham
denise.html Candles and prayers for Denise Cooper, caregiver to a mother with Alzheimer's disease ; Denise died of lung cancer in April 2002
disclaimer.html Disclaimer
diseases.html Other Diseases
DorisClack.html Letter from my Cataloging Professor at FSU
eachdaygoesby.html Poem: "Each Day Goes By", by Brenda D. Arnold
easter.html Poem: "The Promise of Easter", by Jerry Ham
emptyface.html Poem: "The Empty Face", by Carol Haynali
everytear.html Poem: "Every Single Tear", by Dorothy Womack
eyesoflove.html Poem: "Eyes of Love", by Doug Thompson
fabric.html Poem: "The Fabric of Her Mind", by Steven C. Stoker
fateworsethandeath.html Essay: "A Fate Worse Than Death", by Alan W. Goodson
favorites.html Christian Links
fiction.html Bibliography of Alzheimer's in Fiction
fight.html Poem: "The Fight", by Brenda Race
flashbacks.html Article: "Flashbacks" by Dorothy Womack
footprints.html "Footprints in the Sand" Poem with photo of my mother at the beach
forchildren.html Alzheimer's Disease Information and Activities for Children
forgiveness.html Article: "Forgiveness", by Dorothy Womack
forwilliam.html For My Brother, William, when he had four-bypass open heart surgery in Nov. 2000
freebanner.html Form to ask me to create a free banner for your site, if you're a member at Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
gentle.html Poem: "Be Gentle with Those in Your Care", by Brenda Race
genealogy.html My Genealogy
gifsforyou.html Some "Gifs" for you, graphics you may take and use as you please
glowing.html Poem: "Glowing", by Dorothy Womack
goinghome.html Poem: "Going Home", by Brenda Race
good.html Poem: "A Very Good Day", by Tim Brennen
goodbye.html Poem: "The Long Goodbye", by Ellen Miller
grandma.html Story: "Grandma Doesn't Remember Me Anymore", by Liane Skill
greetings.html Send a Greeting (Online Greeting Card Sites)
greetings2.html Send a Greeting (Create postcard at this site)
greetings3.html Send a Greeting (Year to Remember Photos for your postcard, at Bravenet Site)
grief.html Grief Resources
griefbks.html A Grief and Loss Bibliography
guestbk.htm Guestbook for Sept.-Oct. 1996
guestbook.html Guestbook Index
guestbk2.html Guestbook for Dec. 1996-Jan. 1997
guestbk3.htm Guestbook 2 for Feb.-March 1997
guestbk4.htm Guestbook 1 for Feb.-March 1997
guestbk5.htm Guestbook 1 for April 1997
guestbk7.htm Guestbook for May 1997
guestbk8.htm Guestbook for June 1997
guestbk10.htm Guestbook 2 for July 1997
guestbk11.htm Guestbook 1 for July 1997
guestbk12.html Guestbook 1 for Aug. 1997-Apr. 1998
guestbk13.html Guestbook 2 for Aug. 1997-Apr. 1998
helping.html Article: "Helping the Helpers: Alzheimer's Caregivers No Longer Alone", by Peggy Eastman
heroes.html My poem: "Heroes" and a java applet of my mother touching a rose
Hesmysong.html He's My Song - Midi files for some Christian songs and hymns
HerStory.html My Mother's Story
holidays.html Holidays and Other Special Days
HomeHealth.html Home Health
homepages.html Other Personal Homepages
HTMLhelp.html Tell Your Story: HTML Help
hugh1.html Poem: "Satan and My Mother", by Hugh MacDonald
hugh2.html Poem: "The Kitchen on McGill Avenue", by Hugh MacDonald
hugh3.html Poem: "Losing it All", by Hugh MacDonald
hugh4.html Poem: "Dark Watchers Waiting", by Hugh MacDonald
hugh5.html Poem: "Shifting Sands", by Hugh MacDonald
hugh6.html Poem: "Facing Edna", by Hugh MacDonald
hugh7.html Poem: "Going Up?", by Hugh MacDonald
hugh8.html Poem: "The Power of Touch", by Hugh MacDonald
Huntsville.html Huntsville, AL Alzheimer's Resources
iwillalwaysremember.html Poem: "I Will Always Remember", by Hank the Bard
I'm Me by Dorothy Womack
index.html Main Home Page
index2.html Alternate Index Page
index3.html Another Alternate Index Page
index4.html Alzheimer's Disease Information Directory
index5.html Still Another Alternate Index Page (this is more like the original Main Page)
index7.html Just an alternate entry page
index8.html Another alternate entry page
InMemoryOf.html In Memory of My Mother
inpoetry.html Bibliography of Alzheimer's in Poetry
inspirational/index.html Inspirational Poetry Index
isolation.html Article: "Isolation", by Dorothy Womack
ItsMe.html Poem: "It's Me"
javascriptsitemap.html Javascript Site Map of some of the pages at this site
jlpmemorialaward.html Jessie L. Parris Memorial Award, for Memorial Sites by family of Alzheimer's victims
July 2001.html July 2001 Winners at Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
june1999.html Troy, AL, Alzheimer's Support Group Newsletter, June 1999
june2001.html June 2001 Winners at Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
justjuices.html">Article: "Just Juices", by Dorothy Womark
karenr.html Poem: "Untitled", by Karen N. Rhoades
KCAlzheimers.html Poem: "Alzheimer's", by Kelly Cherry
keys.html Giving up the Car Keys
lakeapplet.html Lake Applet using photo of sunset behind my mother's house
letter.html Letter to My Mother One Year Later
lettingo.html Poem: "Letting Go", by Judith Scott
light.html Poem: "A Light On in the Window", by Dorothy Womack
littlegirl.html A Picture of My Mother as a Little Girl
loneliness.html Article: "Loneliness", by Dorothy Womack
lordsprayer.html The Lord's Prayer, and lake applet
Article: "Losing the Battle", by Dorothy Womack
Mama.html My Poem: "Mama"
man.html Poem: "The Man We All Love", by Julie Western-Zuge
manididntknow.html Poem: "The Man I Didn't Know", by Mike McGough
March2001.html March 2001 Winners at Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
May2001.html May 2001 Winners at Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
memberships.html My Memberships
memorials.html My Family Memorials
memorywalk.html Alzheimer's Memory Walk in Huntsville, AL, Oct. 9, 1999
memorywalk2000.html My Memory Walk 2000 Photos (Huntsville, AL)
memwalk98.html My Memory Walk 1998 Photos (Huntsville, AL)
mind.html Poem: "A Prison of the Mind" by Jerry Ham
missing.html Missing Alzheimer's Disease Patients in the News
most.html Poem: "Most of All", by Dorothy Womack
mother.html Poem: "She's Still My Mother" by Jerry Ham
mothersday.html Mother's Day 1997
mothersday98.html Poem: Singing Trees - Mother's Day - 1998
mothersday2000.html Mother's Day 2000
mountains.html Article: "Mountains", by Dorothy Womack
music.html Music for Alzheimer's Patients and Caregivers
mydad.html Poem: "My Dad", by Marg Everett
MyJournal.html My Journal Index
MyJournal_1.html My Journal, August-October 1994
MyJournal_2.html My Journal, November 1994
MyJournal_3.html My Journal, December 1994
MyJournal_4.html My Journal, January 1994
MyJournal_5.html My Journal, February 1994
MyJournal_6.html My Journal, March 1995
MyJournal_7.html My Journal, April 1995
MyJournal_8.html My Journal, May 1995
MyJournal_9.html My Journal, June-July 1995
MyJournal_10.html My Journal, August-September 1995
MyJournal_11.html My Journal, October 1995
MyJournal_12.html My Journal, November 1995
MyJournal_13.html My Journal, December 1995
MyJournal_14.html My Journal, January 1996
MyJournal_15.html My Journal, May-August 1996
MyPoetry.html My Poetry - Index
newsgroups.html Listservs, Newsgroups, and Forums
newyear.html A New Year's Day Card for You, 1997
newyear98.html New Year's Card, 1998
newyear1999.html New Year's Greeting, 1999
newyear2000.html New Year's Greeting, 2000
notes.html Notes from Sept. 1997 Caregiver Conference
ode.html Ode to Alzheimer's Victims
once.html Poem: "Once", by Krista Cunningham
onebyone.html One by One - for some Internet friends losing their AD patients in 1997-98
other.html Other Dementias and Related Diseases
paintings.html Painting by Vivian Hanby, mother of Dorothy Womack
paradise.html My Poem: Paradise
parents.html A Photo of My Parents
passing.html Poem: "A Passing of Memory", by Jerry Ham
patientsprayer.html Poem: "Alzheimer's Patient's Prayer", by Carolyn Haynali
pedigre.html My Pedigree Chart
personal.html Just a Bit about Me
photoalbumA.html Photo Album
photoalbum.html Photo Album, 1934-1957
photoalbum5.htmlPhoto Album, 1965-1985
pickinguppieces.html Article: "Picking Up the Pieces", by Brenda Race
picture.html Picture of my mother touching a rose, and a dream, in Reflections
places.html All the Places I've Lived
poetry.html Alzheimer's in Art and Literature
prayer.html Alzheimer's Disease Month Prayer
PreciousTimes.html Poem: "Precious Times"
PrenticeHicks.html My Adopted MIA/POW
psalm23.html Psalm 23
quilt.html Poem: Mama's Quilts
reading.html Reading is Ageless - assignment in a library school class
reagan.html Ronald Reagan Links
> recommend.html Recommend this site
reflections.html Reflections: Looking Back Now
release.html Poem: "Release", by Dorothy Womack
remember.html Poem: I'll Remember
rememberme.html My Article: "Please Remember Me: Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Patients on the Internet"
research.html Alzheimer's Research Links
respite.html Some Internet Respite
resume.html My Resume
reviews.html Reviews of this Site
rights.html Caregiver's Bill of Rights, by Jo Horne
rings.html Web Rings
rings2.html Web Rings - Updated Page
rosary.html Apostle's Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be
roses.html Flash photos of my mother touching roses, and the Elvis song "Mama Liked the Roses"
rosesblooming.html Poem: "Roses are Blooming", by Dorothy Womack
safe.html Alzheimer's Association Safe Return
saymyname.html Poem: "Say My Name", by Nancy Allen
screencaptures Screencaptures from this site
search.html Search Engines Page One
search2.html Search Engines Page Two
searchsite.html Site Search Engines
seashells.html Poem: "The Secret of the Seashells", by Lisa
May2001.html May 2001 Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites
serenityprayer.html The Serenity Prayer
shesits.html Poem: "As She Sits", by Stacey Cirello
SightsandSounds.html Poem: "Sights and Sounds"
sing.html Sing to Me, Mama
sitesearch.html A Java Applet Site Search
snow.html Snow and Old Movies
song.html Song of Alzheimer's
songinnight.html A Song in the Night - some Christian lyrics and midis
special.html Special Times/Special People
stfrancis.html Prayer of St. Francis
steps.html Steps to Understanding Challenging Behaviors
stormdamage.html Poem: "Storm Damage", by Judith Scott
support.html My Support Group Meetings
survival.html Caregiver Information and Survival Aids
takecomfort.html Take Comfort: Poems, Prayers, Hymns, and Devotional Sites
tell.html Poem: "Tell Me Please", by Brenda Race
textindex.html A Text only Index Page
Thanksgiving 1999 - Greeting and Links
thatwhichremains.html Excerpt: "That Which Remains", by Peggy Eastman
TheHouse.html My Poem: "The House"
thiefinthenight.html Poem: "A Thief in the Night", by Nancy Allen
thumbnails Thumbnails of Photos at this Site
tiptoed.html Poem: "Alzheimer's Tiptoed in and Carried You Away" by William Smiley
tomymother.html Poem: "To My Mother", by John Gilson
TopADCaregivingSites.html Mirror of the Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites List
topsites2000.html Winning Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites for the Year 2000
tree.html My Family Tree
trophycase.html Trophy Case - Some of the bigger awards this site has won
updates.html Updates for Oct. 1997-March 1998
updates199.html Updates for Jan.-Feb. 1999
updates499.html Updates for March 1999-
updates2.html Updates for Aug.-Sept. 1997
updates498.html Updates for Apr. 1998-July 1998
updates898.html Updates for Aug. 1998-Dec. 1998
updatesApr2000.html Updates for April 2000
updatesJan2002.html Updates for January 2002
usparris.html Memorial for Ulysses S. Parris (My dad)
vita.html My Vita
Waiting.html Waiting for the Morning
walk.html Poem: "Walk Softly", by Brenda Race
warning.html The Ten Warning Signs
watched.html Poem: "We Watched Him", by Julie Western-Zuge
watching.html Poem: "Watching", by Dorothy Womack
where.html Poem: "Where Are They???", by Brenda Race
whoareyou.html Poem: "Who Are You?", by Dorothy Womack
wish.html My Poem: "What I Wish"
without.html Poem: "Without Those Last Four Years", by Dorothy Womack
worldwide.html Alzheimer's Organizatons Worldwide
wouldi.html Poem: "Would I Do It All Over Again?", by Brenda Race
yearlater.html One Year Later

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