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Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites - August 2001

Alzheimer Europe
1st Place - August 2001
Alzheimer Europe's aim is raising awareness of all forms of dementia
through coordination and cooperation between Alzheimer and related
disorders organizations in Europe and to organized support for
patients and caregivers. Alzheimer's Europe serves thirty-one member
organizations in twenty-six countries. Their excellently designed Web
site, featuring information on Alzheimer's and other dementias and
tips for caregivers, is available in ten languages.

Alzheimer's Disease International
2nd Place - August 2001
Alzheimer's Disease International is an umbrella organization of
Alzheimer's associations around the world offering support and
information to people with dementia and their caregivers. Theirs is
a very informative site including facts about the causes of dementia,
treatments, diagnosis, answers to common questions, and help for
caregivers, as well as providing information about all the national
Alzheimer's organizations around the world.

Alzheimer's Society of Canada
3rd Place - August 2001
The mission of the Alzheimer's Society of Canada is to "alleviate the
personal and social consequences of Alzheimer Disease" and
to "promote the search for a cause and cure for the disease." The
searchable site is a huge one providign information about Alzheimer's
including the warning signs, stages, treatment, caregiving, research,
and links and information for AD patients as well as caregivers. It
also features a forum with archives dating back to 1997 and a
password-protected Physician's Corner.

Mary's Place
4th Place - August 2001
Mary Lockhart has early-onset Alzheimer's. Before she was diagnosed,
she had managed a licensed day care for infants for fifteen years.
She misses the babies she cared for, but she has three little dogs
which she enjoys, as well as having an acquarium, and feeding birds
and squirrels. She is doing a wonderful job telling her story on her
home page, Mary's Place, where she shares her daily journal, family
photos, memories from her childhood, links to other sites, and a
chats for other patients like herself. Mary says "This is a very
lonely disease. If I can help one person with my page it will all be
worth it."

The Ribbon
Site of the Moment - August 2001
The Ribbon Newsletter, the inspiration for this Web site, began in
January 1998, with the mission of providing information and support
for caregivers dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia. The teal
colored ribbon was chosen to help raise an awareness of AD and
symbolizes the connection of caregivers in their fight against this
illness. The Ribbon is a Suite 101 Four-Star Rated Site, has been an
Empowering Caregivers Site of the Month, and the newsletter was
awarded People's Connection Newsletter of the Week by America Online.
site that is filled with them!

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