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Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites - June 2001

Diana McGowin's Home Page
1st Place - June 2001

Diana Friel McGowin, an early-onset Alzheimer's patient, is the
author of the best-selling book, Living in the Labyrinth (Dell
Publishing, 1993)-- the book on which the 1999 movie, Forget Me
Never, starring Mia Farrow, was based. She indeed is a history-maker,
with many firsts to her credit-- the first patient to write a book,
to do a home page, to begin an online support group for EOAD
patients. Diana's Web site shares her photos of her beautiful
Florida surroundings, family and friends, and a recently begun

Mary's Place
2nd Place - June 2001
Mary Lockhart has early-onset Alzheimer's. Before she was diagnosed,
she had managed a licensed day care for infants for fifteen years.
She misses the babies she cared for, but she has three little dogs
which she enjoys, as well as having an acquarium, and feeding birds
and squirrels. She is doing a wonderful job telling her story on her
home page, Mary's Place, where she shares her daily journal, family
photos, memories from her childhood, links to other sites, and a
chats for other patients like herself. Mary says "This is a very
lonely disease. If I can help one person with my page it will all
be worth it."

My Journey
3rd Place - June 2001
My Journey
by Chip Gerber
3rd Place - April 2001
Webmaster: Marsha Penington
2nd Place - January 2001
Chip Gerber is 55, and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1997. He
worked for over 25 years as a licensed social worker. His daily
journal is online, accented by the always beautiful designs of
Webmaster Marsha Penington of Alzheimer's Outreach. Chip's journal
is unique in that it is not just an account of what he does every
day, but it is a collection of his thoughts, feelings, and
reflections on his journey with Alzheimer's. He expresses his
appreciation of and delight in ordinary things, including his senses
of smell, sight, and touch as he cherishes nature and the changing
seasons. Chip gives us a beautiful way to look at life, in spite of
our losses.

A Tribute to Arlene Francis
4th Place - June 2001
Arlene Francis, best known as a television actress who starred for
twenty-five years on What's My Line, also had a successful career
spanning fifty years on radio, the Broadway stage, and on film. She
also had Alzheimer's disease. This site was established in May 2000
as a tribute to Arlene. One year later, on May 31, 2001, she died at
age 93. Her tribute site, includes her biography, timeline, photo
gallery, her art, and more, including Alzheimer's disease information
and news. It's a beautiful site and a wonderful tribute and memorial
to this remarkable woman.

Site of the Moment - June 2001
Dorothy Womack's mother, Vivian Hanby, was an amazing artist whose
talent emerged after the onset of Alzheimer's disease. This page
displays Vivian's paintings: landscapes showing colorful seasonal
changes, still lifes, animals, flowers, and more. About her mother's
talents, Dorothy says, "It is very obvious to me how God used these
gifts of art to get across His point: that He exists when all else
has failed-- and that life, however fleeting it may be, is to be held
as precious in His sight as it is His gift to us all." Beautiful
thought. And beautiful paintings!

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