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Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites - May 2001

Alzheimer's Disease at About.com
by Beth Creason
1st Place - May 2001
This site features news about Alzheimer's and informative articles
about symptoms and stages, diagnosis and treatment, activities,
sundowning, wandering, and other behaviors, early-onset AD,
other dementias, and much more. There is also an Alzheimer's
glossary, a drug index, and a list of the top ten nursing homes for
each state of the U.S. Also included are links to personal pages by
both caregivers and patients. There is opportunity for interaction in
forums and a chat, and subscribers are kept up to date regularly
through the "Alzheimer's from the Heart" and "Alzheimer's Weekend
Edition" newsletters. There is so much here to explore, and Beth
Creason is doing a wonderful job keeping this site up to date and all
of us better informed about Alzheimer's.

ElderCare Online
Rich O'Boyle
2nd Place - May 2001
With a weekly email newsletter, The Eldercare Beacon, the Eldercare
Forum message board, scheduled chats hosted by other caregivers,
professionals and guest moderators, and tons of information on the
site, ElderCare Online is truly a beacon for caregivers. Impressive
awards and reviews received by this site include: Alzheimer's Site of
the Week at About.com, featured on CNN/Time, in Time Magazine, and in
Smart Money. If you haven't already, you'll want to subscribe to the
very informative Eldercare Beacon newsletter to keep up to date on
all that is going on at ElderCare Online and so you won't miss out
on some of the best articles you can read about issues involved in
Alzheimer's and caregiving.

Mary's Place
3rd Place - May 2001
Mary Lockhart has early-onset Alzheimer's. Before she was diagnosed,
she had managed a licensed day care for infants for fifteen years.
She misses the babies she cared for, but she has three little dogs
which she enjoys, as well as having an acquarium, and feeding birds
and squirrels. She is doing a wonderful job telling her story on her
home page, Mary's Place, where she shares her daily journal, family
photos, memories from her childhood, links to other sites, and a
chats for other patients like herself. Mary says "This is a very
lonely disease. If I can help one person with my page it will all
be worth it." Through the Internet, Mary has found friends, and
she is indeed helping others, being very active in several chats. It
is a joy to watch Mary's page develop, as she adds new and very
creative pages, incorporating beautiful backgrounds, graphics, and
java. I couldn't help but notice an entry in her guestbook, from her
daughter I think, about Mary having a way of turning lemons into
lemonade, and I think that's a wonderful way to deal with the
Alzheimer's journey, as well as caregiving and any of the losses that
life brings us.

Alzheimer's Outreach
by Marsha Penington
4th Place - May 2001
A totally amazing site, one that inspires awe and wonder every time
we visit, is Marsha Penington's (aka Tay, or Taylor Austin)
Alzheimer's Outreach. Her informational directories on Alzheimer's,
other dementias, and caregiving issues includes around 250 full-text
documents. There is a poetry gallery full of poetry by Steven
Stoker, Jerry Ham, Brenda Race, and Dorothy Womack, and Marsha has
provided Web space for the various works of other caregivers and
Alzheimer's patients throughout her site. At the Alzheimer's
Outreach site, family caregivers and patients alike have shared their
photos, memories, memorials, thoughts, and the list goes on and on.
There is so much this site offers, it's difficult to even begin to
describe it all. Marsha's own story of her mother's Alzheimer's,
along with beautifully designed backgrounds and graphics by Marsha
herself, add a personal touch and intensify the sense of awe we feel
as we visit this wonderful site. Futhermore, Alzheimer's Outreach is
also the large and very active local community service/support group
that is coordinated by Marsha in the area where she lives. Locally
through this group and around the world via the Internet, Marsha's
Alzheimer's Outreach is for so many an excellent source of
information and support at all stages of the Alzheimer's/caregiving

Stella's Story
by her daughter, Margie
Site of the Moment - May 2001
Margie tells her mother Stella's story on this Web page, beginning
this way "This page is dedicated to my Mom who like
so many others is a victim of Alzheimer's disease.
She had the mind of a scientist, the heart of a saint,
the determination of a champion and the twinkle of a true Lady.
Oh, how you inspire me!" Margie goes on to outline the
highlights of her mother's life and to share photos, including
some of the assisted living facility where Stella now lives.
Thank you Margie, for sharing your beautiful mother, Stella,
with us.

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