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Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites - September 2001

1st Place - September 2001
Susan Grossman was caregiver to her mother-in-law, and this award-
winning site grew out of that experience. Alzwell includes many
interactive features, such as "The Anger Wall", and is the home of
the Caregiver Webring. Alzwell is packed full of information and
opportunities for others to share their stories. Susan's site has
been highly reviewed and received several prestigious awards, even
appearing in Yahoo Internet Life's Touched by the Net. After her
mother-in-law died, Susan continued regularly updating her site and
keeps people informed about updates through her Keepin' Up with
ALZwell newsletter. More recently the site has also joined with
ElderCare Online, displaying an even more professional look and is
providing more services to caregivers.

Caregiver's SEAD
2nd Place - September 2001
Begun by Daniel Paris, MSW, of the Massachusetts General Hospital
Memory Disorders Unit, this is an excellent site offering the facts
about Alzheimer's, a comprehensive bibliography, and recommended
links As well as being an excellently designed and very informative
site done by a health care professional also shares links to personal
home pages done by caregivers. Daniel has done a wonderful job with
this site!

Alzheimer's Caregivers
3rd Place - September 2001
EdythAnn or Bubblehead has been a leader for years on the Alzheimer
List (Washington University at St. Louis) in the CANDID (England)
Chat Room and elsewhere across the Web, adopting many other
caregivers as part of her own family. She cared for her mother-in-
law, Milly, until she died. Her web site has told that story
beautifully, and EdythAnn has been a wonderful support for so many
other caregivers.

Undying Love
4th Place - September 2001
Undying Love was created by Patrick Davidson, a journalist, about his
mother who died of Alzheimer's. Undying Love tells the story of the
toll this disease took on his mother and the whole family through
excellent black and white photos, the wonderfully written story, and
even Real Audio throughout so we can listen as Patrick shares his
feelings. Undying Love is the one of the most beautiful sites I've
ever seen. The emotions all of us know as caregivers and family
members are expressed so completely, and the beautiful way this story
is told moves me to tears, again and again, every time I visit this
wonderful site. Patrick's site is a moving memorial to his mother and
a place where we can go where we can say "Yes, I feel those
emotions", shed some tears, and heal.

A+ Activities
Site of the Moment - September 2001
Whether you are a health professional or a caregiver, you're always
needing activity ideas for use with Alzheiemr's patients. Here's a
site that is filled with them!

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