November 1, 2006

Pills and more pills. This morning I was given, I think 18. Now this included some vitamins and minerals etc. What a hand full. A problem I have besides way too many pills is that some are small, some medium in size and some rather large. It's quite a mixture of medication. This is taken morning and evening although the amount changes to a small one and some of the medication is for different conditions that I have. Oh the joy. I really look forward to it. Lots of laughs.

It wasn't always this way. I can remember not that many years ago that I only took a few pills plus one vitamin a day.

A difficulty that I have is that I don't I don't always take them one by one. I know that I choke on the pills easily so usually I remember to take them one by one, with lots of liquid. And then there are times when I seem to forget what I'm doing, and I try to shove several down my throat and end of choking. This is not a nice thing at all. I seriously dislike choking and usually do my best to stay away from it. Just not one of my favorite things. You can probably relate.

Anyway, I wonder what they did before medication came along? All those wonderful pills that are supposed to keep us alive almost forever and take away the pain and aches. That's usually a joke.

Really, I'm thankful for medication and vitamins etc. We do live much longer than some years back and some of the aches and pains are masked over for at least a time. Some...but not all by any stretch of the imagination.

I do have concerns about the high prices of medication and the many unable to obtain medication here at home and around the world but perhaps that concern can keep for another day.

November 2, 2006

For the last three years now Sharon and I have been making our way to Mayo Clinic at Jacksonville. This about a 72 mile trip one way. Since moving to Florida we have been near on of the best research and treatment centers in the nation. Because of the closeness, Sharon and I both thought it would be good to be evaluated and examined by some of the best doctors available. Experts in their fields with a world wide following. We've now done this, having received many suggestions and much advice on our varied conditions as well as treatment. We think it is time to now turn everything over to our local doctor which is an excellent and respected doctor in our community. He can carry on necessary treatment based on his own training and information he has gained from Mayo Clinic regarding our situations. With Lewy Body Dementia, Fibromyalgia and many other conditions, I am sure we have not been the easiest patients to deal with. Our situations are both complicated and ever changing.

I feel good about this decision Sharon and I have reached together. The trips to Mayo are very wearing on us and we end up exhausted at times for days. The time we have spent has been well worth the effort on our part and we are pleased with the services and treatment provided as well as the new findings by Mayo Clinic.

Sharon and I both highly recommend Mayo Clinic to those interested in further evaluation or treatment. From personal experience, I can say without hesitation that Mayo Clinic is one of the finest, well operated, caring clinics I know of. It has well trained staff and is very professional in their care. Mayo follows through with a patient, treating them respectfully and carringly with the best medical knowledge available.

This is not a paid advertisement.

November 3, 2006

My doctor recommends that I eat one banana a day for potassium. I'm happy to, when I remember it, that is. I like bananas.

Besides remembering my doctor's orders at times, I have another problem. The bananas ripen way to quickly and I dislike strongly ripe bananas. Sharon purchases the greenest bananas she can find and within days, they are overly ripe. This is a problem and the results are bananas thrown away.

It seems so wasteful throwing overly bananas away. Some where stuck in the back on my mind is the wise words of the past too not throw away food. That there are lots of boy and girls over seas that are hungry and would be more than happy for the food we waste here in the states. It's true that we are a throw away generation but still can try to use that which I've been given by a benevolent Father above as wisely as I can. The reality is that even with my best attempts.,some things are just going to have to be discarded and over ripe bananas is one of them.

November 4, 2006

My sweet wife, Sharon has abscessed cyst removed from under her arm. It has been causing her pain for some time. The family doctor thought he might be able to take care of it, but after looking at the situation, he recommended that it be removed by a surgeon who removed the cyst which resulted in a rather deep wound and five stitches. Sharon was then sent home to heal and get her strength back.
She's been on r and r since returning home. I have become her caregiver and she is supposed to be resting. Sharon being Sharon, it's difficult to keep her on r and r. I'm doing my best but she is a bit....what should I say here.... slightly head strong, and although she rests quite a bit, she still insists on doing activities around the house. These activities need done. Some I can and do myself, but there are those that really could wait, but my Honey is not a waiting sort of person. Patience is not her virtue. Lots of laughs. I'm not condemning, being judgmental or complaining. I just wish she would get a little more r and r as the doctor ordered. I love and accept my Sharon just as she is. Lovable.

It won't be long till she's up to her old sweet self and the surgery will be in the past. Hopefully past, fading memories for her and while her wound is restored and the energy level that comes with Fibromyalgia returns. That will make us both happy.

November 5, 2006

Urinary Tract Infection. It struck me again. Dementia individuals are prone to it. This time it snuck upon me without notice, and then struck with vengeance. I was a sick one. It occurred on a Thursday morning when I woke up freezing. Now there was no reason to be freezing because our home was not cold. But...I sure was. I could not put enough clothes on to warm myself up. I kept putting layer after layer of clothes on me. Two pairs of socks and even some long socks on both hands. My teeth were chattering and my chest was shaking. Sharon took a picture of me looking like a street person with a bad disorder. If I ever find that picture, lots of laughs, it will soon disappear. That was no hit at street persons. I have a lot of compassion for who they are and what they go through. I should have known that I was chilling but I didn't.

Sharon found me in my lazy boy recliner covered from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

A friend, MS Jean who is a nurse, told me that I had been chilling and had a fever. Later in the day, the fever broke, which was 102 degrees at one point. I was glad when the fever broke. It gave me a little relief.

Sharon tried to get me into the doctor, but a holiday was the next day and the doctor, bless his heart, would not be able to see anyone until he returned from being off work for three days. Now, I don't blame him. Doctors are human too which I sometimes tend to forget. He needed some r and r too and time to be with his family and do his thing. He's a good hearted doctor that is very attentive to both Sharon and my needs.

Well, I was down for the count even after I got into see Dr. T. He prescribed antibiotics and they take about three days or so to do much good.They have to get into your system to help.
It is now some days later and I feel much, so much better. I can still feel the infection in me and I am busy by doctor's order, flushing my body with Cranberry Juice with lots of rest in-between. I feel better but am not well yet.

I'm being forced to sit out much of what I would usually push myself to do but presently, I am unable to do. This condition left me drained physically and feeling very weak. Hey, it won't keep me down long. There's things to do, places to go and people to see. Life goes on and I, when possible, jump right on the band wagon. Dementia affects and flavors my life greatly, but I will not allow it to control my life completely. I love life and the many great things that go with it. I've been slowed down to a crawl or less on some days recently, but to give up or in is not within me.

Ah, back to my glass of cranberry juice.

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