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In 1986, I reached out and clasped my mother's hand as she was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer's...


For some of you, I am sure that brings back vivid memories. That day when you too began this "odyssey into Alzheimer's". To be honest, it isn't easy. In fact, in some respects, it is probably THE most challenging disease ever known to man.

You see, Alzheimer's is a master at deception. Especially in the earlier stages. There are very few who would recognize minor 'pauses' in conversations or slight lapses in memory, as 'signals' to this devastating disease.

In fact, it is SO insidious, it may be years before the subtle on-set begins to emerge. And yet little do we realize that just below the surface, the destruction has already begun....

My mother battled this disease for fourteen years, and in the end, there was very little left of the woman she used to be. Did I mourn that? Yes...yes I did. I missed her desperately, and even today...there is still a part of me that searches for her...

You see, my mother was my bestfriend. So it was like I lost her twice. As a daughter AND as a friend, I missed sharing what we had together. But most of all...I miss and missed my mothers touch.

Like many of you, my mother was never alone in this disease. From the moment of diagnosis, she and I had been in this thing together. True, it may have separated us physically, but it never stopped the love I had for her because it is unconditional. I cherished what little she could give...and expected nothing more. We withstood the test of this disease...and came out the winners because we never let it defeat us.

When she left this world on May 21st, 2000, I swore to continue this fight because that is what she would want me to do. Yes, she may be gone but her legacy will live on...and the living proof is this website.....I encourage you to read first hand our journey into Alzheimer's and the impact it had on both of us. In Mom and Me, you will see what it was like for us as we struggled with this disease. And in A Daughter's Love I offer my personal reflections on who I have become because of her.

Please feel free to take what ever information you want from this place as long as it is NOT FOR PROFIT. Much of it I wish I WOULD have had all those years ago. And in exchange, I only ask two things of you. First, before you go, won't you take a moment and drop me an e-mail about what you thought of this place? All you have to do is hit the button below...it's connected to my e-mail.

And secondly, I ask that you DO NOT take these beautiful midi's you are listening to. You see, they are a very special gift from my best friend and they belong HERE. I put them in so that you would find something beautiful in Alzheimer's...so please don't betray my trust. If I hear them in any other site, I will withdraw them...because you see, you won't be taking just some songs...you will be taking my best friend and a gift she made especially for me. I sincerely hope that you enjoy them, but when you go...leave her...and her songs behind...because you have no idea how very special they BOTH are to me.

Oh...and one more thing. I know there are a lot of sites out there that offer help about Alzheimer's, so if you find "AO" useful, you might want to bookmark it, (or add it to favorites). Don't know how? Then click the word bookmark and it will tell you! Or, if you prefer, you can now print off our website addresses by clicking card.

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It is my hope that you may find solace here within the pages of 'Babes Haven'.
Marsha Penington; (aka Taylor Austin)
Coordinator of Alzheimer's Outreach © copyright 1998

This site is dedicated in loving memory of my mother "Babe"
She reached out and touched the face of God on May 21st 2000

'You were your child....and I was yours....I miss you mom!'


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