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Heaven's Garden overflows with angels smiling, all aglow
As watching for the new arrivals,
they welcome those of soul survival.

Throngs of loved ones, streaming in,
give way to joy, as once again souls find their home:
Left long ago
This place where living waters flow.

You see, this Garden up above
is filled with great, abundant Love
It's watered with the tears of those
who linger down on earth below.

Each flower is of rare design
It represents a soul refined
These tears, which help the flowers grow,
came from someone who loves them so!

Angels tend to fragile blooms,
while music flows in subdued tunes
God holds each flower in His arms
Welcome, Friend, to Heaven's Garden!

Written by Dorothy Womack for Heavens Garden
© copyright

PLEASE..do NOT copy this very special gift she made just for me!


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