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the alzheimer fairy

I'm certain there's a Fairy
A true Alzheimer's gnome
That has crept into our household
And sabotaged our home.

She's the evil one that empties
All the contents of your drawers
Making little stacks of clothing
In the midst of all the floors.

She's the one who hides my car keys,
My glasses and my money
In places so creative
They'd surprise the Easter Bunny.

Last week when I was missing
Every knife and fork and spoon
I searched for hours before
I found them hidden in your room.

When I ask you, you deny it
And in an effort to refute,
You blame that little Pixie
Of such questionable repute.

"I didn't do it!" you will say,
"How could you be misled
Into thinking it was ME that
Hid the food beneath my bed?"

When I found that little puddle
You didn't think that it was fair
That I accused you so unjustly
When you weren't even there.

Well, old girl, you've convinced me
That such a fairy DOES exist
'Cause you just haven't had the time
To hide the things I've missed!

Steven C. Stoker 1998


Used with permission of the author

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