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This is a Steven many people won't recognize...because it's completely different that what you are used to reading from him. But there is MORE to Steven than his extraordinary poetry about Alz. There is actually an 'imp' that resides in him that occasionally sends me humorous "high-jinx". To be honest, this guy has given me more reason to laugh than any person I know because he deals with this disease in many different ways. So this is for him...the little imp who cheers me up, and makes me so very glad that Steven is my friend!!

*A Note From The Author*

I just located an old diskette (really old) that happened to have some of the "essays" that I wrote about my MIL's (mother-in-law's) Alzheimer's Disease. They were posted more than six years ago on the Medical Roundtable of the Genie network, where they were read (and I hope enjoyed) by a handful of people that were dealing with AD and it's horrible ramifications. My purpose was to calm, support, entertain, and at times to offer suggestions for coping as a caregiver.

That handful of people seemed to enjoy my writing and, in time, asked me to write something to take their minds off there predicament. Thus, was born my "Aberdeen Stories" about my growing up in a small farm town in Idaho. I wrote more than a hundred of those short stories and answered many requests for them on diskette.

It was also there that I wrote or posted many of my poems.

When Genie was sold and the rates radically increased, that little support group broke up. It was a sad time. But even now, I get an occasional request for some of my writing via email.

Ok, enough background. I just wanted you to know why I was sending you these things. Perhaps they can brighten a day or provide a suggestion or just let people know that they are not alone. I shall, as always, let you be the judge.

Your friend,


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