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familar walk by susan rios


The Orchid

I gave you an orchid to pin on your chest
You cried and told me that this was the best
Mother's Day present that you could receive
Because it spoke of my love and belief

In you, as my mother, my counsel, my friend
It made you feel special and needed - Then
You hugged me and thanked me for being the one
Who graced you with orchids, touched from the sun ---

As I grew older, I created new ways
To show you my love and the pride it conveyed --
But your special moments were hidden in blooms
Of the orchids I gave you - In your heart, they found rooms

To convey to you beauty and precious delight
From your daughter's perceptions - Mirrored in your own eyes -
You realized our love was Eternal, and thus
Not even your death would separate us ---

So, Mom, as you listen and look over me
I'll take greatest comfort in those memories
Of days filled with laughter, when I was a kid ---
And the look on your face ----
When you spied the orchid .............

©2000 Dorothy Womack
** Written for Marsha Penington



Today the angels in heaven will rejoice,
For they have seen the arrival of another voice!
A special mother called "Babe" has joined them there,
To touch the face of God and his love to share.
God in his great love had loaned her here,
And for what seemed a fleeting moment we held her near.
Time always seems much too short with the ones we love,
Until we are called to return to God above.
Her time here on earth was not wasted you see,
For she lived it to the fullest while waiting for what was to be.
All of her years were spent teaching great love,
To a daughter she had born...her gift from above!
She knew she had done well and with no regret,
Etched in time ..... her time was set.
Gods great plan was always there,
When he sent a very special woman, "BABE" to share.
Those who knew her will never forget,
For etched in their hearts are memories set.
She passed this way and she spread her love,
and when she returned to God above,
She left a little of her heart below.
For those who knew her ... to continue to sow.
The lessons she taught, the great love she gave,
Will continue to spread as an ocean wave.
The daughter she held so very dear,
Will always be in her heart so near.
Her legacy lives on through "her" special gift.
Her spirit will continue to help others and uplift.
Listen close and you may hear her voice
as now in heaven with the angels she can rejoice!

© 2000 Dedicated to "Babe"
Brenda Race


Please Keep Me In Your Prayers

Please keep me in your prayers
Was the solemn plea I heard ---
Upon my heart, the words hung still
There was weight to every word.....

How hard it is to let those go
When we long for what used to be
Although we realize that nothing
Could ever set them free

Again, to live upon this earth
But only to God, they're bade ---
To walk in freedom once again
With Him, from whom all things were made.....

So yes, I watch and wait with those
Who say goodbye and part
If only for a little while -
Kept closely knit in hearts.......

And prayers ascend to God above
We're promised this, indeed ---
That all is as God promised us
Not one good thing did He leave

Behind when planning for this day
But made a way for those ---
Whom He has singled out to be
WIth Him, on this day, He chose
God speed to those who remain here
On earth, to ponder why ----
Our bodies must disintegrate
To let our spirits fly ............

And knowing not, the reasons for
Those things we must endure ---
We find God's arms wrapped round about
Us, tightly and secure ----

Until at last we recognize
That what has been, must be ---
And when the body's laid to rest
The spirit is NOW free!!

© 2000 Dorothy Womack
** Dedicated to Marsha's mother, 'Babe'


The Face Of God

I have seen a face not beheld by man,
He holds me gently in the palm of His hand.
I can't describe the love in His eyes
Or the words that dried the tears that I cried.
How can I describe the way that I feel?
My body is whole, Oh My! I am healed!
The body you see is not really me.
That's just the shell of what used to be.
There's no more pain, my mind is clear,
And God Himself has wiped away my tears.
The joy I feel is impossible to tell.
But I wanted to tell you that all is well.
I hope that God will help you to see,
That at last, at last, I am finally free.
I have seen a face not beheld by man,
He holds me gently in the palm of His hand.
For years I've prayed this would be my lot,
And now I have touched the face of God.

© 2000 Jerry Ham


The Love Between a Mother and Child Is Forever

The love we share
as mother and child
is a bond of the strongest kind.
It is a love of the present,
interwoven with memories
of the past
and dreams of the future.
It is strengthened by overcoming
and facing fears and challenges
It is having pride in each other
and knowing that our love
can withstand anything.
It is sacrifice and tears,
laughter and hugs.
It is understanding patience,
and believing in each other.
It is wanting only the best
for each other
and wanting to help any time
there is a need.
It is respect, a hug,
an unexpected kindness.
It is making time to be together
and knowing just what to do and say.
It is an unconditional,
forever kind of love.

©- Barbara Cage


Memories Keep Those We Love Close to Us Forever

Although words seem to say so little,
I hope they help in some small way
to ease the sense of loss
that you're experiencing today.
Hold fast to your memories,
to all of the cherished moments
of the past,
to the blessings and the laughter,
the joys and the celebrations,
the sorrow and the tears.
They all add up to a treasure
of fond yesterdays
that you shared and spent together,
and they keep the one you loved
close to you in spirit and thought.

The special moments
and memories in your life
will never change.
They will always be in your heart,
today and forevermore

© Linda Knight


The Face Of God

She touched the face of God today
He brushed all of her tears away ---
He smiled at her and softly said
Welcome Home - New life's ahead!!

Many wish to comfort you
Show you around and teach you too
All the things you wanted to know
Everywhere you longed to go ----

Nothing now is hidden - Nor
Is anything concealed from your
Vision, reach or confidence
Reach out to God and find Him hence

All your dreams have come to pass
You've reached the Golden Shores at last
Those remaining on earth's side
Will ever in your heart, abide ---

Though separated a short time
That which is yours, is also Mine
Rejoice in knowing pain has flown
Life resurges - Suffering's gone

You see, the Face of God is turned
Towards all who, after His way, yearn
And as you chose to follow Me
One day, as you - My Face, they'll see ....

© © 2000 Dorothy Womack
**Written for Marsha Penington and her mom, 'Babe'


The Folding Of The Petals

The folding of the petals
means that night is almost here.
The day has turned to twilight;
and the sun soon disappears.
The flowers sleep in silence
as they wait for morning's light.
They seem to be at peace
as they rest throughout the night.
With a growing sense of joy,
the dawn begins to break.
The birds begin to sing,
and the flowers, they awake.
As the sun comes up to touch them
with its rays of blessed warmth.
We watch their petals open,
and reach out with open arms,
The flowers are our loved ones,
whose blossoms we have shared,
They clothed and fed and taught us,
they showed us that they cared.
All too suddenly it seems,
they're in the twilight of their years.
As we watch their petals folding,
we can't hold back the tears.
But the story is not over,
they're only resting for awhile,
And when the dawn arrives,
they'll awaken with a smile.
The folding of the petals
is not the end, oh no.
It's just another step
on the journey we must go.

© 2000, Jerry Ham


Painting done by Susan Rio's and is entitled Familar Walk