"To God be
the Glory"

Come Walk with Me
Doug Thompson

Come and walk today with me.
Along a path that none can see.
I need help just to walk you see.
I would be back when I was free.
Free to walk and free to speak.
Now all is so hard, I am so weak.

Not long ago my mind was clear.
And then I had very much to cheer.
But suddenly a fog, a haze, began to form.
All that once was, is no longer the norm.
My mind is clogged with blinding debris.
Changes come on me from a mindless decree.

The long struggle would seem endless to me.
But time has faded, the calendar useless to me.
I'd busy myself with my sewing, a timeless gift.
My needles now silent, fingers no longer swift.
Nights pass swiftly, days endless, all a blur in this sea.
For now, time has lost meaning, its all the same to me.

I'd like to walk the beach one more time.
The wind, waves, salt breeze to be mine.
But I hear a voice softly calling to me.
Come, I will walk closer with thee.
"And He walks with me, and He talks with me.
And He tells me I am His own."

Walking down this long road I'm not alone.
My senses deceive, but my soul is at home.
He has promised me a mansion beyond the sky.
My faith and trust are in Him, He does not lie.
Though the path I'll walk I have yet to trod.
He'll come walking with me for He is God.

Copyright © 1999 Doug Thompson
Used with permission of the author.

Doug's wife, Ann, has Alzheimer's.
an Alzheimer's victim. You can read
more of his poems and other writings
in his Reaching Out at Marsha's
Alzheimer's Outreach.
Alzheimer's has not changed Doug &
Ann's strong faith in God and their
love for each other.

Email Doug at: DKThomp@aol.com

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