"Yes, Jesus
Loves Me"

Where Are They?
Brenda Race

Where are you all...I know you cannot be far.
It's okay momma I am here right where you are.
But there are others whom I have not seen
Its okay momma their actions they do not mean

But why are they not here to be with me
Because momma they love you too much to see
So why have they all left now when it is my greatest need
Well momma sometimes they get lost in their own greed

Do I scare them so that they stay away
Have I really changed that much from yesterday?
I know my body is weak and wearing out
But inside my spirit is the same I have no doubt.

Yes momma you do scare them because they cannot cope
to see you as you are and feel they have no hope
so they run and they run and they try to hide
because they do not understand that you are the same inside

But they love me still do they not?
For they are my children and friends I have not forgot
Its very hard to understand why they are not here
for in this time I would like them near

It's okay momma they really do care
It just that this job of helping you prepare
to go to your home is not easy to do
But Gods spirit and I alone will help you to

Never forget that you are LOVED and soon will be free
even though it appears on the outside not to be
For someday soon you will leave this old body and be given a new
And I will be here to help you see it through

To heavens gate you shall go
and maybe then they all will know
You were never really alone here on earth
for maybe now they will see that you have a total rebirth

You will be with the ones you love
looking into the face of Jesus and with peace from the dove
Surrounded by all you have lost here
you now can hold so very near

So do not wonder about those here
they really do love you so have no fear
But until that day when you are freed
I am here with Jesus by your side to fill your need.

WE love you and will hold you and keep you safe

Copyright © 1998 Brenda Race
Used with permission of the author.

Brenda was caregiver to her mother for a year
until her mother was placed in a nursing home in
December 1998. This poem was written five months
later, on May 28, 1999. Brendacontinued to visit her mother
regularly and to share hours with her until her
mothers death in December 1999. Brenda has posted
her beautiful poetry at A Window on My Mind
and it can be found in Insights at Alzheimer's
as well as at her own site,
Poems, Prayers and Promises.

Email Brenda at: brace47@charter.net

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