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December 2000

1st Place - My Journey
2nd Place - Thru His Eyes
3rd Place - Poems Prayers & Promises
3rd Place - Passage into Paradise

November 2000

1st Place - Thru His Eyes
2nd Place - My Journey
3rd Place - Passage into Paradise
4th Place -

October 2000

1st Place - ElderCare Online
2nd Place - Poems, Prayers, & Promises
3rd Place - Thru His Eyes
4th Place - My Journey

September 2000

1st Place - The Ribbon
2nd Place - Empowering Caregivers
3rd Place - Partners Program
4th Place - AnnaMarie's Place

August 2000

1st Place - Caregiver's Army
2nd Place - Caregiver's Haven
3rd Place - The Ribbon
4th Place - ElderCare Online

July 2000

1st Place - Alzheimer's Outreach
2nd Place - Alzwell
3rd Place - Caregiver's Haven
4th Place - Poems Prayers & Promises

June 2000

1st Place - Diana McGowin's Homepage
2nd Place - Mary's Place
3rd Place - Dorothy's Passage into Paradise

May 2000

1st Place - Mary's Place
2nd Place - Diana McGowin's Homepage

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