"Tears in

Grandma Doesn't Remember Me Anymore


Liane Skill

We are on our way to see my Grandma. I remember when she used to live in a small white house in the city. Inside, it was really cozy and warm, and Grandma and I used to play a lot of games at her home.
But, Grandma doesn't live there anymore.

I remember Grandma had soft gray hair, bright eyes, and a warm smile. When I arrived, I used to run up her front steps and jump right into her arms. She was always ready with a great big hug and kiss, and she would always tell me how special I was.
But Grandma doesn't hug me anymore.

I remember Grandma used to cook us all great big meals. We would gather around the table and feast on all of Grandma's specialties. Grandma would always sit at the head of the table looking upon all of us and she would always remind us to save room for her special desert.
But Grandma doesn't cook for us anymore.

I remember Grandma would always play her favorite records. We would dance around the living room laughing and attempting to try and keep up with Grandma as she would polka. Of course, we could never keep up, but we always tried our best.
But Grandma doesn't dance anymore.

I remember when I was sick with the chicken pox; I went over to Grandma's so she could take care of me. She would play with me, make my favorite meals and more importantly, she would always kiss my forehead to help make the sickness go away.
But Grandma doesn't take care of me anymore.

I remember on my birthdays, when I thought I didn't get the one gift I really wanted, Grandma would always set a brightly colored package before my eyes and sure enough, there was that special gift.
But Grandma doesn't get me birthday gifts anymore.

I remember at Easter time when Grandma would hide brightly colored eggs around the house. We would all search and search throughout her house for those eggs. Once we found them, we always discovered something special inside.
But Grandma doesn't hide eggs anymore.

I remember on holidays when Grandma would light up her entire house with garlands, miniature houses, trees and figurines. We would all gather around the tree as Grandma passed out the gifts, and our smiles and joy were always Grandma's favorite gift.
But Grandma doesn't celebrate the holidays anymore.

I remember when my most favorite thing in the whole wide world was to go to my Grandma's house and just spend time with her, because no matter what I did wrong at home or whenever I failed at something, Grandma would always love me for who I was. But Grandma doesn't remember me anymore.

Mom told me that Grandma is sick now. She told me that now we have to take care of Grandma and help her out. We have to be the ones who give her all the love and support she gave us. Mom said Grandma may not remember things too well now, but deep down inside, Grandma will always remember me.

So today, when we go to see my Grandma, I play my music for her and sing and dance around the room. Also, I make sure I give her a great big hug and kiss and I always kiss her forehead to help make her illness go away, and I tell her "I will always remember you Grandma."

Copyright © 1998 Liane Skill
Used with permission of the author.

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