Alzheimer's Poetry
Poems from the heart by caregivers,
family members, and Alzheimer's victims

"The Wind Beneath My Wings"

The Fabric of Her Mind by Steven C. Stoker

My Sonnet to Bruce by Mary Bloomer

Yes, I'll Cry by Jerry Ham

She's Still My Mother by Jerry Ham

A Passing of Memory by Jerry Ham

My Dear, I Love You by Jerry Ham

The Prison of the Mind by Jerry Ham

The Promise of Easter by Jerry Ham

Secret of the Seashells by Lisa

As She Sits by Stacey Cirillo

Alzheimer's Tiptoed in and Carried You Away by William Smiley

My Caregiving Friend by Tim Brennan

A Very Good Day by Tim Brennan

Once by Krista Cunningham

Satan and My Mother by Hugh MacDonald

The Kitchen on McGill Ave. by Hugh MacDonald

Losing it All by Hugh MacDonald

Dark Watchers Waiting by Hugh MacDonald

Shifting Sands by Hugh MacDonald

Facing Edna by Hugh MacDonald

Going Up? by Hugh MacDonald

The Power of Touch by Hugh MacDonald

I'm Me by Dorothy Womack

Watching by Dorothy Womack

A Light on in the Window by Dorothy Womack

Most of All by Dorothy Womack

Without Those Last Four Years by Dorothy Womack

One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Two Days by Dorothy Womack

The Long Goodbye by Ellen Miller

Untitled by David Bone

The Fight by Brenda Race

Where Are the Clowns? by Brenda Race

Be Gentle with Those in Your Care by Brenda Race

Walk Softly by Brenda Race

Where Are They??? by Brenda Race

Tell Me Please by Brenda Race

Going Home by Brenda Race

Would I Do It All Over Again? by Brenda Race

Dear Dad by Julie Western-Zuge

The Man We All Love by Julie Western-Zuge

We Watched Him by Julie Western-Zugu

A Change of Dress by Doug Thompson

Come Walk with Me by Doug Thompson

Eyes of Love by Doug Thompson

Untitled by Carol Dix

The Empty Face by Carolyn Haynali

Alzheimer's Patient's Prayer by Carolyn Haynali

Corner of My World by Carolyn Haynali

Alzheimer's by Kelly Cherry

The Man I Didn't Know by Mike McGough

To My Mother by John Gilson

Untitled by Karen N. Rhoades

Letting Go by Judith Scott

Storm Damage by Judith Scott

My Dad by Marg Everett

I Will Always Remember by Hank the Bard

Each Day Goes By by Brenda D. Arnold

A Thief in the Night by Nancy Allen

Say My Name by Nancy Allen

One Thing That Can't Die by Irma Atlas


The Alzheimer Angel by Steven C. Stoker

Grandma Doesn't Remember Me Anymore by Liane Skill

That Old Man I Used to Know by Kelly Cherry

The Christmas Wolf by Julie Therese Christopher

Each poem (or story) included here is the sole property of the submitting author and may not be reproduced in any form without the submitting author's permission.


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