"The Wind
My Wings"

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The caregivers are my heroes
who live with grief each day
as they are watching loved ones
slowly fade away.
They put their own lives on hold
to be with a parent or a spouse
They give and give all they can
until they are given out.
They get tired and discouraged,
sometimes angry and grief-filled,
but yet they try their best
and to despair do not yield.
God bless my heroes, the caregivers,
bless them in every way.
Give them peace each night
and courage for each new day.

Copyright 1999-2005 Brenda S. Parris
written May 17, 1999 in honor of the
members of the Troy, Alabama Alzheimer's
support group, and caregivers everywhere.

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Music from:
Don Carroll's Midi-Riff-Bulge
Photo and background Copyright © Brenda S. Parris

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