Grief Resources

"Wind Beneath My Wings"

Grief Resources:

Bill Chadwick's Grief Resources Page
Carrie Nelson's Motherloss Online Support Group
Fernside Online: A Center for Grieving Children
Grief, Loss, and Recovery
Grief Support (Associated Catholic Cemeteries)
Good Grief! For those Who've Lost Loved Ones
Grief Support on the World Wide Web
Griefnet from Rivendell Resources
GrowthHouse on Grief and Bereavement
GROWW Grief Recovery
Journey of Hearts
Living Beyond Loss
Living with Grief...When a Loved One is Dying
Pam's Place Grief Resources
Signposts Grief Resources
Tom Golden's Crisis, Grief & Healing
TFC Troy's Grief and Bereavement Resources
WEBster's Death, Dying and Grief Resources
Widow Net

Memorial Sites:

Angels Online Memorial Pages
Eternal Flame Commemorative Memorial Site
Heartland Hills Memorials
Perpetual Memorials
The Place to Rememeber
Virtual Memorials

Personal Memorial Pages:

Chris's Web Page
Gibraltar in the 40's: In Memory of Edward Roberts Drew Jr.
Eric J. Baker a very beautiful web site by Nina Baker in memory of her son, Eric. He was a wonderful poet and literary scholar, and you can find his writings here as well.
In Loving Memory of William M. Schutte - father of Kim Schutte Holbrook, former Executive Director of the North Alabama Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association
The Kohn Memorial Home Page
My Precious Daughter, Christina Janelle Wolfe
Thoughts about Mom, by Barbara Rush
Remembering My Mother and A Tribute to My Motherby Fanny, another daughter of a mother who had Alzheimer's
Guy Junior Boyd: My FatherAnother daugher of Alzheimer's, Linda did this memorial for her father.
All about My GrandpaA granddaughter of Alzheimer's, Lisa did this page in memory of her grandfather.

Poems, Prayers, and Inspirational Sites:

The Serenity Prayer
Psalm 23
The Lord's Prayer
Take Comfort

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