Resources on Other Dementias and Related Diseases

My mother had Parkinson's symptoms as well as Alzheimer's, and she also had little strokes, so she had Multi-Infarct dementia as well. It seems that a lot of people with Alzheimer's have these other conditions as well. And there are so many other diseases and conditions that result in dementias that have symptoms that are much like those of Alzheimer's. I want to try to gather as much information as I can about these other diseases and link them here.

Parkinson's Disease on Parkinson's
Capital Chapter of National Parkinson's Foundation
Parkinson's Disease Forum
Parkinson's Disease Foundation of Canada
Parkinson's Society of Ottawa-Carleton
The Parkinson's Web

Strokes on Vascular Dementia
National Stroke Association
National Stroke Foundation - Australia
Saint Luke's Hospital Stroke Center - Kansas City, MO
Stroke Belt Consortium
Stroke Forum
Web of Care, on Vascular Dementia

Pick's Disease

Pick's Disease Support Group
Web of Care on Picks Disease & Frontal Lobe Dementia

Lewy Body Disease

Lewy Body Disease (Southern Medical Journal)
Lewy Body Disease Forum (Massachusetts General Neurology Web Forum)
Web of Care, on Lewy Body Disease
What is Lewy Body Disease? (Alzheimer's Disease Society of Great Britain)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Blood Recall/Withdrawal - CJD
CJD Voice Homepage
CJD Watch
Many Faces of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Huntington's Disease

Caring for People with Huntington's Disease (Kansas Univ. Medical Center)
Electronic Resources on Alzheimer's Disease
The Faces of Huntington's A wonderful new book by Carmen Leal-Pock
Facing Huntingon's Disease (Mass. General Hospital)
HD Information on the Internet
Huntington Society of Canada
Huntington's Disease Forum
Huntington's Disease Home Page - South Africa
Huntington's Disease Information, by Renette Davis
Huntington's Disease Society, Greater Los Angeles Chapter
Huntington's Disease Society of America
Noel and Carolyn Crowson's HD Homepage
North West Lancashire Chapter of Huntington's Disease Association (U.K.)
Robert Laycock's HD Web Pages

Other Dementia Resources (Alabama Dementia Education and Training Program)
The Dementia Web
Dementia: What it Is and What to Look For (Kingshill Research)
Other Dementias Directory at Alzheimer's Outreach a wonderful site by Marshia Penington (aka Taylor Austin)
An Overview of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias (South Central Wisonsin Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association
Web of Care, on Dementias
What is Dementia? (The Alzheimer's Disease Society of Great Britian)

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