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Alzheimer's Can Be Diagnosed In The Very Early Stages (March 12, 1998)
Alzheimer's Patients May Benefit From Muscle Relaxation (May 22, 1998)
APA Meeting: Patients With Early Alzheimer's More Likely To Choose Drug Treatment (June 3, 1998)
Another Clue in Battling Alzheimer's (January 21, 1998)
Brain Scans May Help Predict Alzheimer's (June 22, 1998)
Donepezil And Metrifonate Effective In Alzheimer's Patients (April 29, 1998)
Donepezil Improves Alzheimer's Patients' Ability To Function (January 22, 1998)
Evidence suggest bacterial link to Alzheimer's (August 10, 1998)
Exercise May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk (April 28, 1998)
Genetic Test For Alzheimer's May Improve Diagnostic Reliability (February 18, 1998)
Markers for Alzheimer's Onset (July 23, 1998)
New Test Added to Alzheimer's Research Arsenal (February 18, 1998)
Poverty, poor education in childhood can greatly increase risk of Alzheimer's (July 21, 1998)
Regular Physical Activity May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease (April 29, 1998)
Smoking Doubles Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer's (June 19, 1998)
Study: Bacterium Could be Alzheimer's risk (November 12, 1998)
Study Finds Possible Infectious Basis for Alzheimer's Disease (November 12, 1998)
Study Links Smoking, Alzheimer's (June 19, 1998)
Study Reveals Folic Acid, Alzheimer's Disease Link (October 19, 1998)
Study Says Blacks, Hispanics More Likely to Get Alzheimer's (March 10, 1998)
Study Suggests Link Between Alzheimer's and Vitamins (April 27, 1998)
Study Tracks Escalating Cost of Treating Alzheimer's Disease (September 8, 1998)
Sudden Cognitive Decline Is Not Part Of Normal Aging (April 13, 1998)
Today in Health History: A Sad Communication (November 5, 1998)
Viral Inflammation May Trigger Alzheimer's Disease (July 14, 1998)

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