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My college and my college town (1973-1977, 1979-1981):

Lee University, formerly Lee College, my 1977 alma mater
Wm. G. Squires Library and Hal Bernard Dixon Jr. Research Center formerly Lee College Library, where I worked 1975-1977 and 1979-1981.
Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee

Christian Colleges/Schools Where I've Worked:

Lee University (Church of God), Cleveland, Tennessee
Meredith College (Southern Baptist), Raleigh, North Carolina
St. Mary's School (Episcopal), Raleigh, North Carolina

Churches I've attended:

Bob White Boulevard Church of God, Pulaski, VA
Cary Church of God, Cary, NC, near Raleigh
Heflin Church of God, Heflin, AL
Indian River Presbyterian Church, Ft. Pierce, FL
Lion of Judah Family Worship Center, Madison, AL
North Cleveland Church of God, Cleveland, TN
Oleander Avenue Church of God, Ft. Pierce, FL
Palm Vista Church of God, Ft. Pierce, FL
Killearn United Methodist Church, Tallahassee, FL
Words of Life Church of God, Tallahassee, FL
St. Ann Catholic Church, Decatur, AL
Tallahassee Church of God, Tallahassee, AL

Television ministries:

Coral Ridge Presbyterian, D. James Kennedy
Crystal Cathedral, Robert Schuller
EWTN, Mother Angelica
In Touch, Charles Stanley
TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network
Worldnet Catholic Television, Father Manning
Zola Levitt Presents

Christian/Messianic music artists:

Billy Whitman
CC Music Christian Artists List
Marty Goetz
One In Messiah Radio
Paul Wilbur
Stephen Curtis Chapman
WSTW-FM Messianic/Christian Music--Listen Live Online!

Christian/Messianic site directories:

Catholic Information Center on the Internet
Catholic Online
ChurchSurf Directory of Christian Churches
Messianic Jewish Online
Messianic Judaism at Suite 101
New Advent Catholic Website
The OmniList of Christian Links

Other Christian/Messianic sites:

Rebecca at the Well Foundation

Prayers and devotional readings:

Daily Bible Reading
Catholic Prayers
Common Catholic Prayers
Daily Inspirations from Guideposts
Quite Moments from Catholic Digest
Rebecca at the Well Devotions
Sitting at the Feet of Yeshua

Online Bibles:

Audio Bible Online
Bible Gateway
The Douay-Rheims Bible Home Page
The Hebraic Roots Version
King James Version
Messianic Version Bibles
Restored Name King James Version
Revised Standard Version
Virtual Christianity: Bibles
World English Bible, Messianic Edition

Bible Study Reference Tools:

Goshen's Bible Study Tools
Worldwide Study Bible

Christian Literature/Church History:

The Baltimore Catechism
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Early Church Fathers
Nazareth Master Catechism

My mother was Baptist, and my dad was Methodist. For dates, they attended church services together. They also started attending pentecostal meetings, and soon after they were married, they became charter members of the little Church of God in town. They raised all four of us kids there, in a little church where people with few worldly possessions sung of a better world, with songs like "Heaven's Jubilee", "I'll Fly Away", and "When We All Get to Heaven".

I chose to go to a church college. That was like heaven on earth for me. Praise and worship choruses, "Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul", "He is Lord", "God is So Good" and so many others from those days linger in my head and in my heart, and they are my Song in the Night. While there, I was fortunate be able to attend concerts of Nancy Harmon and the Victory Voices, Andre Crouch, and others.

I used to buy a lot of contemporary Christian tapes and to keep up with all the artists. I've been to concerts of David Meece, Steven Curtis Chapman, and others. I've loved the songs of Amy Grant and have even used a couple of them on individual pages at my site, I Will Remember You" and "Heirlooms" because they said just what I wanted to say on these pages: for my poem, "Sights and Sounds" and on this page of my Photo Album.

There have been so many years and so many changes, but recently I've rediscovered my faith, and I've also developed a new appreciation for my roots, along with an admiration I've acquired over the years for Christians of all faiths, both protestant and Catholic. In my second marriage, I married a Catholic and I learned him and from my Catholic friends.

I have seen God's love in a people of all faiths, both protestant and Catholic. Though experiences may vary and terminology may be different, our God is the same, and we are bound together in love for Him. Events, places, and people in my life have brought me a long way, and I've learned so much all along the way, but there is still so much more to learn.

Though I have not always lived as I should for Him, God has never left me, has never forsaken me, so now I truthfully and gratefully can sing "It is well, it is well, with my soul."

I pray that you will allow God to surround you with His love and peace, wherever you are, whatever your background, He is not limited by your circumstances, and His love is greater than anything you've ever encountered. If you feel you've done too much, gone too far astray, let me tell you the good news-- Jesus said "I will never leave you nor forsake you"--Hebrews 13:5. He keeps that promise-- I know this personally.

Just one more thing-- I have to tell you about our First Sunday of Advent Service this year at the Catholic Church that my husband and I attend. I felt like I was back in some of the other churches I've attended through the years. First, before the service began, a male trio sang "When We All Get to Heaven"!!! Then there were several others familar songs during the services-- even "Soon and Very Soon, We Are Going to See the King" was among them, and there was "Fill My Cup, Lord" during communion, and an instrumental of one of Andre Crouch's songs-- I think it was "To God be the Glory"-- that we sung in my college church choir, and even the old song "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" at the end of the service.

An Update: Sometimes it seems different churches are right for us at different times in our lives. I guess that's what the Catholic church was for me, 1999-2004, and perhaps was preparing the way in me for what came next. In mid-2004 I found another faith, with even more ancient roots, even more like the very first believers in Christ, who I now call Yahshua, the Messiah, the promised Son of YHWH (Yahweh, God). I feel I have come full circle in a way, back to worship more like what I grew up with, and yet, it's not a more recently formed faith, Messianic Judaism has been around from the beginning, is the true beginning, of what we all know as the Christian faith.

Now I need to start a page of Messianic music, the music I love so very much, the music which attracted me, drew me like a magnet to my newfound faith! Somehow I think my mother would like it too, would love it, and would be very happy for me, as I sing praise to the One she loved so and praised throughout her life.

See also my Christian Music Links, A Song in the Night, and Take Comfort, and Favorite Catholic Links.

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