Associaton Safe Return

For their safety, for your peace of mind

Alzheimer's disease robs 4 million Americans of their ability to recognize familiar places and faces. Many cannot remember their own names and addresses. They may become disoriented and lost, in their own neighborhoods or far from home.

To enable police and private citizens to identify people with Alzheimer's disease and help them return home, the ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION created the Safe Return program.

Register now in Safe Return, to help others help your loved one

Safe Return: a nationwide, community-based safety net

The Alzheimer's Association Safe Return program is the only nationwide system designed to help identify, locate and return to safety individuals who are memory impaired due to Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder.

Safe Return: registraton

To register in Safe Return, fill out the registration from and mail it with a check for $40 to:
Alzheimer's Association Safe Return
P.O. Box A-3956
Chicago, IL 60690
The $40 registration fee is a one-time charge to help offset the cost of registration and the identification products.

Caregivers can share registrations in Safe Return with their loved ones. Caregiver Safe Return jewelry items are available for an additional $5. Caregiver jewelry will:

* encourage an individual who may be reluctant to wear jewelry
* alert others to look after the person with Alzheimer's if you become incapacitated

Safe Return provides:

* Identification products from the memory-impaired person, including
a bracelet or necklace, clothing labels, and a wallet ID card.
* A 24-hour, toll-free 800 number.
* Registration in a national database.
* Connection to more than 200 community-based Alzheimer's Association
chapters across the country.

For more information on Safe Return call your local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association or (800) 272-3900.

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