Remembering to Care Award

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Sandra's Map for the Journey is the January 1999 winner. Sandra's dad has had Alzheimer's Disease for eight years, so she has plenty of experience with this disease to share with us, and her site is indeed a "Map for the Journey". She shares information about what one should do first upon the diagosis of Alzheimer's, what to expect as the disease progresses, sources of help for the caregiver, planning ahead with financial and legal matters, and much more. Thank you, Sandra, for your excellently designed and very informative site!


Undying Love is the most beautifully and most professionally done site I've ever seen. It has been done by Patrick Davidson, a journalist, about his mother who died of Alzheimer's. Undying Love tells the story of the toll this disease took on his mother and the whole family through excellent black and white photos, the wonderfully written story, and even Real Audio throughout so we can listen as Patrick shares his feelings. The emotions all of us know as caregivers and family members are expressed so completely, and the beautiful way this story is told moves me to tears, again and again, every time I visit this wonderful site. Thank you so much to Patrick for such a moving memorial to his mother and a place where we can go where we can say "Yes, I feel those emotions", shed some tears, and heal.


Denise is her mother's caregiver, and she keeps an almost daily journal at her site. I've always loved The World through My Mother's Eyes, on one of the pages at Denise's site. Recently Denise was diagnosed with lung cancer, so she not only has her mother's illness to deal with, but also now her own as well. candles have been going up on the Web for Denise, and she is in our thoughts and prayers. I am also presenting Denise a small token of appreciation for her sharing her life with us-- the March 1999 Remembering to Care Award.


I haven't given this award for a couple of months as I've been very busy moving my site, but I've known who I was going to give it to. Just over a year ago I gave this award for the first time, and it went to a person with Alzheimer's, Diana Friel McGowin. Now I'm giving it to another person with early-onset Alzheimer's. Laura Smith is doing a wonderful job on her web site, where she tells about the natural beauty that surrounds her at her Montana home and shares stories, poetry, and links to other sites about Alzheimer's. Laura keeps a daily journal at her site, as well as sharing pictures of her family and the beauty in her surroundings. Laura is active on the Internet, involved in several mailing lists, including CWPML (Coping with Personal Memory Loss), a discussion list/support group that she began. Thank you, so much, Laura, for all that you're doing.

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